Just Another Reason To Love NC

We can have snow one weekend and then be playing outside in t-shirts the next during the fall and winter.   Here are a few pictures from this fall with our crazy weather.  We are now looking forward to a busy December of Christmas, Hudson turning Three, and the new year!

We went for a walk and scooter ride through beautiful Country Park.

Good thing that scooter is light when Hudson gets tired of "scooting."

Racing with Daddy

Checking out the Guilford Battleground

Doesn't get much better than a half-naked chunky baby dancing to his favorite "show".  

 Leaf jumping fun with Harper at Grandma's house.

 Playing "chase the ball" with Daddy.  I am thankful for our cul-de-sac on days like this.

 When did he turn into a little boy?! 

 Poor Luke..I think this morning it took us approximately 2 hours and 58 minutes to get out the door just for a walk.  And Hudson still didn't get out of his pajama pants.  I gave up.  

 Learning how to shave from Daddy.

 Loving on Angel by the tree.

 Hot Chocolate in his "coffee cup"

 He was so serious about sitting with Daddy and drinking his "coffee".  He was just acting like a little adult.  It is so funny how he picks up on everything we and all adults do.  They are always watching!

 Got Hudson and Luke matching coats at Costco.  Luke was thrilled to try his on. :)

 Getting ready for Thanksgiving and helping me with the baking.

 Thanksgiving 2012 (left) and Thanksgiving 2013 (right)

 Luke was actually able to enjoy some Thanksgiving food this year.  I think his favorite was the dressing (like his momma).

 Playing outside at Grandma's on Thanksgiving weekend.

 Hanging out with cousins and family was the highlight of Thanksgiving.

 While I was cleaning one day I walked to the room next door for a moment and left Luke in the playroom.  When I walked back in he was just sitting and relaxing in the little rocking chair smiling at me.  It was so cute.  Luke's little personality is coming out more and more each day.  He is very different from Hudson and much more quiet.  But he does seem to have a little sneaky funny side. :)

Enjoying his muffin.  This is the only way I can sneak vegetables in.  He is a fruit lover like his brother. 

Luke loves to play with Angel.  "Angel" is one word that he will say consistently.  He also says "mama", "dada", "uh-oh", "night night", and "no no" :)

Luke loves getting on the trampoline when Hudson is napping.

Hudson had fun pulling Luke but usually pulls him as far as he can in one direction then says he is too tired to pull him back.  This means that I get to pull/drag both of them back.

Thanks Daddy for teaching him to say this while playing angry birds....boys..

Not sure who has more fun during their guitar sessions, Zach or Hudson.