My Loves

I am such a lucky girl to have 3 special Valentine's this year.  We didn't do anything special for Valentine's day but Hudson did really love the fact that he got fun heart treats at school.  I think Hudson judges all things by what food was present during the event.  Whenever I ask him how his day at school or bible study class went he always tells me about what snack they had first! Haha!  The way to this boy's heart is really through his stomach.  When Grandma gave him his Valentine's presents from her he was so excited about the fruit snacks inside and made sure to get all of those out first before opening his other presents.  Here are some things we were up to on Valentine's week:

This is Hudson's "Heart Man" that he made at Preschool.   So far he is adjusting well to his new classroom.  Some days he even walks in with no tears!  He has been talking about all of his new friends there so I know he is having a good time.  I was hoping that he would be so tired after school that he would nap well when he got home but so far it has backfired on me. I think he is having so much fun that he gets worked up and takes forever to fall asleep!  

We went to Chick-fil-a on family night for Valentine's crafts and it turned in to a very interesting scene. We have been before and I knew that he wasn't a fan of the cow costume but on this night the fear jumped to another level because he thought the Cow might get his food.  I will say that this particular cow is a little pushy and continued to come over to our table even when Hudson denied him a high-five and said "No Cow!"  Zach might have taken it a little far when he told Hudson that the cow might eat his food if he didn't eat it.  Hudson immediately tried to cover his food with his hands so the cow couldn't see it.  It was pitiful.  The cow left for awhile and after Hudson made his Valentine and ate a little dinner we let him go get the ice cream that they offer on kids night.  He was very excited to tell the cashier that he would like sprinkles on his. All was wonderful until he saw the cow again.  He freaked out and started shaking because he was terrified that the cow would come over towards him and his ice cream.  Zach had to take him out to the car to finish his ice cream and I was left getting Luke and all of our stuff together.  A sweet older couple at the table beside me offered to help because they felt bad for me after the scene.  Of course Hudson was just fine once he was in the safety of the car.  He finished his ice cream on the ride home.

Here is a short clip of Hudson trying to hide his food while keeping an eye on the cow.

Ice cream before cow..

Ice Cream after cow in the car seat. :)

Hudson made a fruit loop bracelet at bible study!  He thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Happy Valentine's day from Luke.  

Looking so big in his Bumbo

This was taken when Zach "accidentally" locked us out of the house while we were playing.  Hudson was determined that he could get it open.

It randomly snowed all day on Saturday but did not accumulate because the ground was too warm.  Hudson still had fun playing in it.

He said that he was "Ready to  go to Bizi Kidz!"

Opening his Valentine's presents from Grandma.

Very excited about the fruit snacks.

He had to eat a pack right away.  He looks like such a big boy here.

Hudson and Grandma

A ball that lights up and bounces!

He is so silly.

Hudson is starting to try to figure out ways to outsmart us already.  Grandma got him a box of animal crackers in a Valentine box as part of his present.  He has been allowed to have a few per day as a snack.  On this day he had already had a snack and knew that I would say no if he asked for cookies.  So with a very serious look on his face and in the sweetest voice he came over to me with his dinosaurs in hand and said,  "Mommy, the dinosaurs want Valentine's cookies. Can dinosaurs have Valentine's cookies please?"  Haha! Smart sneaky boy.  It was too cute to resist so I gave him a bowl.  I was also interested to see if was going to "share" with the dinosaurs.

Here he is trying out his new thigh-high boots. ;)

Luke is 4 Months Old!

We went in for Luke's 4 month check up last week. He weighed 15lbs 6 ounces. The doctor said that he was in the 35th percentile but I was confused because he is wearing 6 month clothes. So after I got home I looked at the charts and I think he is more around 50th percentile. I think the doctor must have put in the numbers wrong.   I can't seem to find the sheet with his stats on it at the moment but they were almost exactly what Hudson's were at 4 months which were: 15lbs 6 ounces, 25 inches long and his head was 16.5 in. For a trip down memory lane, here is Hudson at 4 months.

Luke rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time today.  Now all he wants to do is roll.  His eyes are slowing turning a green/gray color and I have decided that he is content with sucking on his bottom lip as opposed to a paci.  You will see in the pictures that he holds his mouth a lot like his momma most of the time. :)  He has recently started laughing at Hudson when Hudson is jumping around and playing. It is so cute.  He just can't wait to get in on the action.

What is sweeter than a baby laughing?

Immediately goes to his side.

Sucking on that tongue again.

Erin, Leighton, and Cohen came to play with us last week.  It is always fun having a little girl around.  They are so different and calm.  Leighton just turned 3 and she is as sweet as can be just like her mommy!
oh boys... :)

I know this is sad but this is the first time that Hudson has been through a car wash.  I tried to pump him up for it but he was not really a fan.  Yes, the paci is still around for car trips and bed time.  We are going to work on taking it away in the car first and I dread it.  When he drops it while I am driving it is miserable.  I feel bad for poor Luke sitting beside him when it happens.  The paci is really the only security item that he is attached to.  I am going to at least get Luke sleeping through the night and rest up before I try to take it from Hudson at night.  I may send him to Grandma's or Nana's for paci detox. ;-)  hehe.

Tell me what you think Hudson.

Hudson wants to hold baby Luke more lately.  I love how he is telling him about one of his favorite songs,  "Gangnam Style".   :)