Luke At 9 Months And Hudson At Two And A Half!

Oh, I am just a tad bit behind (as with everything else in my life it seems) just posting Luke pictures from 9 months!  Luke now has 4 teeth, is a pretty fast little crawler, pulls up on everything, tries to climb on things, and is even cruising while holding on to the furniture.  He is still a sweet sweet baby who is a horrible sleeper and who is a tad bit attached to his mommy.  He is eating a little bit better lately and even took Hudson's pizza off of his plate at dinner a few weeks ago and just started chomping away!  I think it was a much yummier than the teething toys I give him. :)  

The other little man in our house is two and a half!  I get a little teary just thinking that he will be 3 soon.  He is honestly one of the funniest little boys that I have ever met and he really makes us look at each other and laugh every day with his comments.  He really does love "His baby Uke" as he calls him but I can already tell the sharing is going to be a hard skill to master for Hudson.  He likes to take toys out of Luke's hand and tell him that "he might choke on that!" Luke is a quiet baby but will protest and try to get a toy back from Hudson already.  Much like his daddy, (love you Zach) Hudson likes to argue that he is right about most things and will try to change the subject if you are trying to get him to do something that he does not want to do.  At two and a half he still loves guitar, drums, music, and watching the wiggles. We are finally brave enough to work on potty training and I would say that we are 75% of the way there.  He is totally a kid that does not want to take the time to go potty because he is too busy playing but will insist that he needs to go 5 times while we are getting ready for bed or while we are in Target.  I really dislike public restrooms so this potty training thing is a learning process for me too.  

I saw this quote on Pinterest not to long ago and I am trying to remember this during our crazy hectic days taking care of two boys:

 Luke is loving the guitar too.  Daddy has been learning new songs since Hudson is so interested in it so Luke just hangs out and listens.

 Free ice cream day at Earth Fare!  Clearly, they don't believe in child-size scoops.  He was loving it.

 This child is into everything! Much more nosy than I remember Hudson being.

 Loving on Angel.  He does seem to look for the dogs when I say "dog"

 Practicing his stance

 We haven't been able to make it to the pool much this summer because I haven't figured out how to take both boys to the pool alone yet. I am hoping to do swimming lessons for both kids this fall/winter and hope to have more pool time next summer.  For now we have been going to aunt Becca's hot tub after she has turned down the heat and "swimming" some afternoons.  Hudson loves it and Luke also loves the water.

 Luke had his first ride in the front of the cart at Costco this month!

 Hudson loves to have "important jobs" and loves helping his daddy.  Here he is showing off his muscles while helping dad fix the porch light.

 He loves trampolines.  One thing I am reminded of having boys this summer: They are sweaty!
I can just imagine how my car is going to smell when they start playing sports etc. :)

 One of his rewards for going potty was going to the "teddy bear store" and making his own bear.  I showed him you tube videos of other kids getting to go to build-a bear and he was very excited to go.  After seeing the choices in the videos he had his heart set on a bear with "spots".  So we got all pumped to go to the build-a bear store here and when we walked up the sign said that the store was actually closing for good that day because they are opening up a new store at another location in town.  Well, Hudson was not about to walk out of that store without a bear.  There were literally three bear choices left and one monkey.  Most were very gaudy so I was happy to see that he picked up a brown bear.  Only after picking it up did we realize that it was a "Thin mint girl scout bear".  So it does have the girl scout emblem on the foot but who doesn't love a thin mint? :) He was very excited and even picked out new big boy underwear and a guitar for his bear.  Perfect for Hudson!  Of course my phone died while we were in there and I only got a few pictures but he had a great time.

There are still a few lots left in our neighborhood and they are building a few houses.  This is like fairytale for Hudson to be able to walk around the neighborhood and see all of the construction equipment working during the day.  After everyone goes home for the day, he and Zach get a little closer look.  :)

9 months old! 

Finally getting the hang of getting food to his mouth.

I think this was a happy squeal ;)

Sitting in daddy's old rocking chair.

Hanging out watching Hudson blow bubbles.

He is so dramatic with all of expressions.  Cracks me up.