Monkey See, Monkey Do.

He has always loved to play with the remote control and push the buttons but this weekend he started actually pointing it at the T.V. It was so funny to watch because he knew something was supposed to happen and he would get frustrated when it wouldn't change to one of his favorite shows. He would only do this when I had it on the Christmas music channel. I guess we have used the TV enough times to get him to calm down that he totally learned from watching what to do. He still won't clap his hands on command but he will try to change the TV channel. Boys!

A Classic First Santa Visit

Unfortunately, his face says it all.  He is not a fan of Santa yet.  Luckily we went to the small mall here in Chapel Hill and didn't have to wait in line for hours to get a picture of him screaming on Santa's lap.  He was finally feeling a little better this weekend so we thought we would try to get his first picture with Santa.  Oddly enough this week he has also started becoming more shy and clingy when we are in public.  Whenever he sees new/unfamiliar faces he clings onto me and lays his head on my shoulder and either stares or gives them a half-smile.  Now I know this is typical development but I am pretty sure sitting him on an old man's lap who has a scary beard and walking away did not do anything to help build his confidence with strangers! I really wanted to get one of him smiling in his cute outfit but this one turned out to be one we can laugh at for years to come.  It may also be a good one to show his future girlfriends. :)  He did stop crying pretty quickly after I picked him up and did give Santa a little smile before we left.

Croup: 1, McCalls: 0

Hudson is sick just in time for the holidays. :(  He had a cold all of last week and this weekend the cough started sounding scary and brought back bad memories of the horrible RSV hospital stay.  We took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with croup.  We are having a rough week with not much sleep. We are praying that he will be better for Christmas and his big first birthday!  Even though he was pretty miserable during our peds visit today he did mock the doctor when she was giving me an example of what the croup cough sounded like.  She said, "Does is cough sound like this...?" and the Hudson looked right at her, cocked his head and copied her "Ah, Ah, Ah."  We both cracked up.  He is too funny.

Our nightly outing before bed or whenever he starts coughing.  They recommend the cool night air to help with his breathing.  He absolutely loves that he gets to go outside in the middle of the night!

Although he has been a little whiny and clingy he has still been playing full-force and getting closer to his first steps everyday.

 The bath always makes him happy when he isn't feeling well.

 It only took about 5 minutes for him to figure out how to turn it on.  Now he just wants to stand in the bath.

 He gets confused when his excessive splashing actually gets in his eyes.  He usually looks at me like I did something to make it happen.

 Loves chewing on the washcloths.

showing off

Curly crazy hair!
Kind of like a curly mohawk.

Sweet Angel just trying to get some camera time.

Ladies' Man

 Hudson had a busy weekend filled with lots attention from the ladies.  He seemed to love it and was actually really good all weekend.  Saturday we had a visit from two wonderful friends from Atlanta.  This was their first time meeting Hudson and he was full of laughs and and loved hamming it up to get attention.  Rachel and I took him shopping on Saturday and it was the first time that I have made it through more that two stores at a time with him.  He must realize that I really have to get some Christmas shopping done!  On Sunday, he was one of only two boy guests at a baby shower for sweet baby Emalyn.   He got to try ice cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, and what it feels like to wear a bow. ;)  See below.
 He even wore a tie to the shower ;)

 Grandma, Aunt Bec Bec, and Hudson.  Hudson is trying to figure out how to get Becca to share what she is eating.

 Trying to figure out how to pick up an ice cube.

This kept us laughing for awhile..

He knew that he wanted this sprinkled covered marshmallow the second that he saw it.

As soon as aunt Bec Bec turned her head he decided to have a taste.

And he really liked it :)

His sprinkle-covered mad face when I took it away.

Why is it so warm in December?!

Being a super star and wearing his sunglasses inside

He also wanted to try the carmel apple...maybe next year Hudson.

Doesn't he look thrilled with all of the "girl talk"?

My little man :)

Emalyn got such cute bows and we just had to try one on. :) (Zach is going to kill me) Poor little guy, he has no idea why all of the ladies are laughing at him.

Hudson and the ladies

Lately, he has started showing his temper when he can't go outside when he wants to.  I can't even go near the door knob or lock the door with him in my arms because he thinks that we are going outside and gets SO angry when we don't.  

Love it when he just chills.  

Love him.

Family Time

It was so nice to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend with my family in Greensboro.  My mom, sister, and brother were there all weekend and we even got a visit from some of the extended family.  Hudson got to have a sweet visit with his great-grandma McCall in Charlotte.   Although holiday weekends no longer mean sleeping late for us it did make me remember what it was like to be home with Hudson all day everyday before I went back to work.   :(  I miss those days.  He actually naps and I get to see him for more that an hour in the evening when he is exhausted after daycare.  I think I need to start buying lottery tickets so maybe I can just go back to work when he gets his driver's license. :)  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

 Snuggles with Grandma

 He likes to ride on the rocking chair arm like it is a rocking horse. :)


 Hudson ("Big Boy" as Scott calls him) loved playing outside and finding sticks with Scott. Scott is just one more thing we are thankful for this year.  He has come a long way since this time last year.  Be on the lookout for the band Parmalee!! They were signed to a record label in Nashville and will have an awesome single out soon!

 Grandma found an awesome tent for Hudson on clearance so we put it up in the living room.  He likes hiding behind the door and playing Peek-a Boo.

 Oh his faces!

 "Step on it Grandma!"

He would have kept riding until it got dark but the adults were worn out before he was.  Can't wait until he can start pushing it with his own feet.