Ladies' Man

 Hudson had a busy weekend filled with lots attention from the ladies.  He seemed to love it and was actually really good all weekend.  Saturday we had a visit from two wonderful friends from Atlanta.  This was their first time meeting Hudson and he was full of laughs and and loved hamming it up to get attention.  Rachel and I took him shopping on Saturday and it was the first time that I have made it through more that two stores at a time with him.  He must realize that I really have to get some Christmas shopping done!  On Sunday, he was one of only two boy guests at a baby shower for sweet baby Emalyn.   He got to try ice cream, marshmallows, sprinkles, and what it feels like to wear a bow. ;)  See below.
 He even wore a tie to the shower ;)

 Grandma, Aunt Bec Bec, and Hudson.  Hudson is trying to figure out how to get Becca to share what she is eating.

 Trying to figure out how to pick up an ice cube.

This kept us laughing for awhile..

He knew that he wanted this sprinkled covered marshmallow the second that he saw it.

As soon as aunt Bec Bec turned her head he decided to have a taste.

And he really liked it :)

His sprinkle-covered mad face when I took it away.

Why is it so warm in December?!

Being a super star and wearing his sunglasses inside

He also wanted to try the carmel apple...maybe next year Hudson.

Doesn't he look thrilled with all of the "girl talk"?

My little man :)

Emalyn got such cute bows and we just had to try one on. :) (Zach is going to kill me) Poor little guy, he has no idea why all of the ladies are laughing at him.

Hudson and the ladies

Lately, he has started showing his temper when he can't go outside when he wants to.  I can't even go near the door knob or lock the door with him in my arms because he thinks that we are going outside and gets SO angry when we don't.  

Love it when he just chills.  

Love him.


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