Hudson Is 16 Months And.......

..... his baby brother or sister is 16 weeks!!!!

We are so excited to share that Hudson is going to be a big brother! I am 16 weeks pregnant and the baby is due the first week in October. Zach can't handle the unknown so we will be finding out the gender of baby McCall #2 in a few weeks.

 Big Brother!!

 Little brother or sister!  So far, I think it is a boy but there are lots of others that have a feeling that it is a girl.  

 Although the white shirt doesn't really show off the belly that well, it is very clear that my body has done this before.  I didn't really start to show a baby bump until I was around 21 weeks with Hudson and didn't really need maternity clothes until about 25 weeks.  With this pregnancy I started to notice a belly and that my clothes weren't fitting as well around 4 weeks!

 Being silly. 

It took a lot of begging to get him to pose with me.  He really wanted to draw on the chalkboard.

 All the talk about the belly made Hudson want to show his belly "Belby!". :)

 He also really loves his belly button.



Hudson has discovered a love for Mexican food and will even attempt some big words in order to get another bite.  He insists on eating like we do and does not want it cut up into pieces.  He usually opens his mouth really wide to try to get the biggest bite possible.   I am scared to let him do it on his own just yet because I am sure the whole thing would somehow end up in his mouth at one time.  He also likes to do the same thing with burritos. We were trying to get it on camera but he was a little more subdued with this meal.

It's That Time Of Year Again..

for awesome school pictures.  When Zach picked Hudson up at school the day of school pictures they said that they tried everything to get him to sit on the picture background but he was not having it.  He was all about the baseball that they had on the set but just wanted to run around and throw it.  When they gave him a little snack break, he spilled his milk all over his shirt so no more pictures for Hudson.  I think what they got sums up Hudson to a tee. :)

His sneaky/plotting look.  He looks like he is thinking about running or throwing the ball that he has in his hands because he knows he is not supposed to.

"Wonder how far I can run with this ball before they catch me?"

"Get me out of here already!"

Our New Date Night

Saturday we had an exciting (parent's term for eating at a kid-friendly restaurant and hanging out in a public place where he can run around) night out.  We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and Hudson really enjoyed watching the "Fire" in the wood-burning pizza oven.  Then we met Kathy and sweet baby Owen to listen to a band that was playing outside at the mall.  As you can see in the video,  Hudson had a great time watching the kids and showing off some dance moves.  I don't think I would have ever run into a crowd of kids and danced at his age.  We might have a little performer on our hands.

 I tried to get a few pictures of Owen and Hudson together but Hudson was not really too fond of sitting in one place.  Little Owen was an angel all night and gave the sweetest smiles.  

 Hudson's favorite dog Roscoe, "Astoe" as Hudson likes to call him spent the weekend with us.  Hudson was so excited to see him when he got up in the morning.

Playing in the back yard with dad. Hudson is attempting to get Zach to bring him to the neighbor's inflatable pool that looks like a dragon.  Very tempting.

 Hudson got two new toys from Nana and Papa for Easter.  A picnic table and a sand and water table.  As you can see we decided to try dried beans instead of sand first.  His favorite thing to do so far is to shovel the beans into the water container.  When we went out there today we noticed that some of the beans are sprouting.  Hmm...maybe we will just have to get some sand.

Sweaty happy baby playing outside


Hudson's favorite word right now is "Cookie" and when he says it, it sounds a lot like Cookie Monster.  Luckily, Cookie can mean really any sweet treat I give him that is small and crunchy so he doesn't always get the good stuff.  I try to sneak in the healthier ones if I can.  His favorite are vanilla wafers and graham crackers.

We have really been working on saying "Please" when he asks for something or says "more" and as you can see in the video he has it down pat.  He actually is so good at it that it is really hard to say no.  Now whenever he wants a snack he goes in the kitchen and points at the box or container that he wants and says,  "Peas Peas!" Looking sweet the whole time.  Last night when we were in the grocery store right before dinner time he basically spent the whole time in the cart pointing at everything we would pass in the aisle saying, "Peas..Peas...peas!!!"  Guess he was hungry.  The woman checking us out totally fell for his sweet begging and insisted that I let him have a graham cracker and even handed him the box out of the bag!  Tough life...

Easter 2012

Even though he didn't get to sit with the Easter Bunny or get any real candy in his eggs this year I think he had a pretty exciting Easter weekend.

 Here are a few more pictures from his Easter egg hunt at school on Thursday.  You can see that none of his classmates have their baskets at this point.  The balls were way more exciting.  

 Not sure who won this battle.

 We took Hudson to the mall on Saturday morning for an easter egg hunt and to see the Easter Bunny.  Zach and I both agreed with Hudson that the Easter Bunny at the mall was a little creepy so we didn't force him to sit on his lap this year.  He had fun watching all of the kids running around at the mall.  The highlight of the trip was when Hudson started running after this elderly lady screaming "Vacuum! Vacuum!" If you didn't know, Hudson is a little obsessed with the vacuum cleaner and this little old lady was pulling her portable oxygen tank behind her that look suspiciously like a vacuum cleaner.  It had a handle, a canister, and two wheels.  Zach had to do some quick distraction to get him to leave the lady alone.

 It was about nap time.

 We went to Grandma's house for Easter morning and this is what the Easter Bunny left for Hudson to wake up to on Easter morning.   There is a cute video of him seeing his Easter surprise below.

 Since he can't have candy, all of the eggs were filled with puffs.  He was so happy about that.

 "I think I'll have just one more."


 We went to church and Hudson made it through most of the service but I had to take him outside to play once he started yelling "Cookie" during the quiet moments in the service.  He did entertain the ladies behind us during the hymns.

 Doesn't he look so cute in his seersucker jacket?  Zach was not a fan. :)

 My long (blonde) haired baby!

 This is a tiny glimpse of his really angry face that he is starting to give.  He is serious about getting out of this chair and getting the jacket off.

 Easter Egg hunt in the yard.  He ended up putting rocks in his basket instead of eggs.  Typical.

 Easter Jello Jigglers for an Easter treat.

 He loved them.  Might have to figure out a way to hide vegetables in them next time.

 Not a fan of the bunny ears...

 Then we went to the playground with Scott and Aunt Bec Bec.  

 He went down the BIG slide with Aunt Bec Bec twice and loved it!

 Then we enjoyed the evening outside playing with sidewalk chalk.

 His favorite thing to do outside is to look for airplanes and birds.

 Love those chunky thighs in a onesie. :)

Can't believe he is so big.

Hudson seeing his Easter basket on Sunday morning.