Easter 2012

Even though he didn't get to sit with the Easter Bunny or get any real candy in his eggs this year I think he had a pretty exciting Easter weekend.

 Here are a few more pictures from his Easter egg hunt at school on Thursday.  You can see that none of his classmates have their baskets at this point.  The balls were way more exciting.  

 Not sure who won this battle.

 We took Hudson to the mall on Saturday morning for an easter egg hunt and to see the Easter Bunny.  Zach and I both agreed with Hudson that the Easter Bunny at the mall was a little creepy so we didn't force him to sit on his lap this year.  He had fun watching all of the kids running around at the mall.  The highlight of the trip was when Hudson started running after this elderly lady screaming "Vacuum! Vacuum!" If you didn't know, Hudson is a little obsessed with the vacuum cleaner and this little old lady was pulling her portable oxygen tank behind her that look suspiciously like a vacuum cleaner.  It had a handle, a canister, and two wheels.  Zach had to do some quick distraction to get him to leave the lady alone.

 It was about nap time.

 We went to Grandma's house for Easter morning and this is what the Easter Bunny left for Hudson to wake up to on Easter morning.   There is a cute video of him seeing his Easter surprise below.

 Since he can't have candy, all of the eggs were filled with puffs.  He was so happy about that.

 "I think I'll have just one more."


 We went to church and Hudson made it through most of the service but I had to take him outside to play once he started yelling "Cookie" during the quiet moments in the service.  He did entertain the ladies behind us during the hymns.

 Doesn't he look so cute in his seersucker jacket?  Zach was not a fan. :)

 My long (blonde) haired baby!

 This is a tiny glimpse of his really angry face that he is starting to give.  He is serious about getting out of this chair and getting the jacket off.

 Easter Egg hunt in the yard.  He ended up putting rocks in his basket instead of eggs.  Typical.

 Easter Jello Jigglers for an Easter treat.

 He loved them.  Might have to figure out a way to hide vegetables in them next time.

 Not a fan of the bunny ears...

 Then we went to the playground with Scott and Aunt Bec Bec.  

 He went down the BIG slide with Aunt Bec Bec twice and loved it!

 Then we enjoyed the evening outside playing with sidewalk chalk.

 His favorite thing to do outside is to look for airplanes and birds.

 Love those chunky thighs in a onesie. :)

Can't believe he is so big.

Hudson seeing his Easter basket on Sunday morning.


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