Hudson's favorite word right now is "Cookie" and when he says it, it sounds a lot like Cookie Monster.  Luckily, Cookie can mean really any sweet treat I give him that is small and crunchy so he doesn't always get the good stuff.  I try to sneak in the healthier ones if I can.  His favorite are vanilla wafers and graham crackers.

We have really been working on saying "Please" when he asks for something or says "more" and as you can see in the video he has it down pat.  He actually is so good at it that it is really hard to say no.  Now whenever he wants a snack he goes in the kitchen and points at the box or container that he wants and says,  "Peas Peas!" Looking sweet the whole time.  Last night when we were in the grocery store right before dinner time he basically spent the whole time in the cart pointing at everything we would pass in the aisle saying, "Peas..Peas...peas!!!"  Guess he was hungry.  The woman checking us out totally fell for his sweet begging and insisted that I let him have a graham cracker and even handed him the box out of the bag!  Tough life...


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