It's That Time Of Year Again..

for awesome school pictures.  When Zach picked Hudson up at school the day of school pictures they said that they tried everything to get him to sit on the picture background but he was not having it.  He was all about the baseball that they had on the set but just wanted to run around and throw it.  When they gave him a little snack break, he spilled his milk all over his shirt so no more pictures for Hudson.  I think what they got sums up Hudson to a tee. :)

His sneaky/plotting look.  He looks like he is thinking about running or throwing the ball that he has in his hands because he knows he is not supposed to.

"Wonder how far I can run with this ball before they catch me?"

"Get me out of here already!"


rebecca said...

hahahah ohhh lifetouch, please dont ever stop taking these school pics

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