I use the term "vacation" loosely because I am not sure it is ever a vacation when you have an active 17 month-old like Hudson running around.  I did however have a whole week off to spend with my boys and Zach even got a break from work which is very unusual.  We fit a lot of traveling and fun into one week.

Hudson got his first official hair cut.  As you can expect, he wasn't thrilled about it but it did go a lot better than I thought it would.  There wasn't much planning and it was kind of "just snip off whatever you can, but leave the curls"  I am not ready for the curls to be gone just yet.

 Here is the before crazy, hippy hair and his very apprehensive look.

 Not loving it but not screaming

 We did have to resort to the paci for comfort.

 Showing him pictures always distracts him for at least a minute.

Ta Da...After!  More of a preppy/surfer boy look. 

Since Bizi Kidz is right next door he got to play after his haircut.

We also went to Chick-Fil-et as a treat to Hudson and mommy. :)

Then he passed out for a long nap at Aunt Becca's house.

Here is a little video of Hudson's silly games when he is really tired.  He still tries to refuse naps and will do anything to stay awake.  He has been doing a pretty good job learning his ABCs and counting to 10.  Here aunt Bec Bec is trying to get him to show off his skills.  He is just interested in the red dot on the camera.

Saturday night Hudson went to his first baseball game to see the Greensboro Grasshoppers play.  The weather was perfect and he had a good time cheering the team on.  He was really excited about the dog that ran out on the field to get the balls and bats.  He also really liked the music played during the game.  He was not a fan of the fire works that went off after the home runs.  The best part was when the chant/song that says "Heidi, Heidi, Hedi, Ho came on and everyone started singing it Hudson got a little embarrassed because it sounded like everyone was saying his nick name "Huddy".  He put his little head down because he thought everyone was chanting his name.  It was pretty funny.  We made it to the 7th inning before we called it a night.

 Aunt Bec Bec taught him a new trick.  He likes to watch himself in the camera. :)
 Some Mama snuggles are needed after the 3 home runs in a row and fireworks.

 He took every opportunity to clap for the team and was not pleased when a man next to him started yelling at the refs.

Hudson also attended his second wedding on Sunday.  Zach's cousin Tyler got married on Lake Norman on Sunday so we drove down for the wedding before heading to the beach.  Good thing the wedding was outdoors so Hudson and I could run out for a break when he needed to be quiet.  He has a habit of yelling "Yay!" after any song is over and he seemed to want to do that after every song during the ceremony was played.  So Hudson and I just got to see the beginning and end of the ceremony.

 McCall boys.  I think Hudson has the McCall grin for sure.

 Fist bumping with uncle Seth.

After the wedding we headed to the beach.  We spent the week in Cherry Grove, SC at a beach house with 12 other family members.  It went by way to fast but we had an awesome time.  Hudson was big enough to actually enjoy the beach this time and boy did he love it.  I was afraid that he might not like the sand or the salt water in his eyes but he had no fear and would have probably ran into the ocean until he fell if we would have let him.  He rolled around in the sand, jumped in the surf, and watched the birds and airplanes go by and had a great time.  Again, there was not much relaxing or sunning for Zach or me.  I would not even recommend purchasing beach chairs if you have toddlers at the beach because I think I sat in my new beach chair once for approximately 4 minutes.  Can't wait to go back!!

 At least one family picture is necessary although 25 weeks pregnant, swollen and on the beach did not really mix.  I have said it before and will say it again.  This second pregnancy is not as easy as the first.  Not really complaining because I would do anything for my babies but my body is tired!

 Papa, Zach, and Hudson fishing

 Hudson's very own snack chair.  He thought that anytime he sat in this chair he needed a snack.  Snacks are a hobby to this chunk-a-monk.

 Not too impressed with Uncle Jason's crab

 Hudson and Aunt KiKi playing in the pool

 Hudson and his baby cousin Emmylou.  She is such a good, calm, sweet baby.  Just can't believe how different she and Hudson are already.  He was very concerned as to why she didn't want her paci in her mouth.   I think he was offering to take it off of her hands if she wasn't going to use it.  :)

 Hudson learned a few new words on the trip.  One that we heard often was "Golf Cart."  He loved to go on rides and would count,  "1, 2, 3 Go!" if we didn't get the hint by him saying  "golf cart" over and over.  

 Early morning breakfast out on the porch.  He partied like it was vacation.  He went to bed late and woke up early everyday.  Making it very difficult for anyone else to sleep in on vacation.

 Hudson's baby brother got a surprise family baby shower while we were down at the beach.  Hudson was happy about this because he got to enjoy a cupcake and cookies before nap.  The sugar rush before nap made for an interesting combination. 

 25 weeks belly!

 Hudson's first trip to Beck's in Calabash for fried seafood goodness.  He discovered that he like fried shrimp.

We finally got back home on Sunday after a long drive which involved watching the Wiggles DVD over and over until Hudson finally fell asleep.  It was a good week!

 I just thought that these photos were cute of Hudson in his daddy's old rocking chair from when he was little. :)