I had so much to be thankful for this November.  I am another year older, have a beautiful new son, a healthy toddler, a wonderful supportive family here in NC and Texas, and some amazing friends.  I love surprises as long as it isn't something embarrassing like "Smile, you're on candid camera" or something like that.  I don't get too many surprises because my husband just can't keep a secret. :)  However for my birthday, two of my best friends drove all the way from WV and TN to come stay with us for the weekend.   My sister, mom, and Zach all knew about it and I was totally surprised when they both showed up.  To top it off the super moms that they are also braved the long trips with their two year old boys.  We had a great weekend just hanging out and watching the boys play.  I am so glad that Luke got two meet his two aunties. :)

Cohen and Hud playing in the bath.

Becca came over to play!

Luke and his aunt Sarah

Had to attempt one picture of all of the boys.  They had to be bribed with lollipops and that barely worked. :)  Left to right: Ben, Cohen, Hudson

And then there were 4...

Mommas and their babies

Can't believe that our little Benny is almost 3!

Our weekend was full of surprises when Scott got to come over and hang out on Sunday.  Hudson was so happy to see him.  We grilled out and made a fire and Hudson got his first taste of Smores. 

Reading with Scott before a nap.  Also eating a grilled cheese because he was playing so hard we forgot about lunch.

Baby Luke is 11.5 lbs!

 He got bundled up to go hang out by the fire too.

Aww he just loves Scott.

Yummy Yummy Smores

So Thankful that my brother got to come home for Thanksgiving.  It just isn't the same when anyone is missing.

Hudson making Thanksgiving crafts with Grandma.

He made turkey place holders and put one at each plate.

Hudson's spot

He also left a couple extra "eyes"on each plate.

Providing a little entertainment with dinner.

Sneaky sneaky...he was trying to get a taste of the cake before dinner but he got caught.  :)

Helping me make a dessert

Uncle Ron and Luke napping together
Hudson and uncle Ron got to "clean" the beaters with dream whip on them.

Hudson is getting pretty good at jamming on the guitar. 

Here he was making up songs on his own and singing one that I sing to him when he goes to sleep at night.  Apparently he likes to jam without pants on.  :)

 Here are just a few more of the little brother and his sweet growing belly. :)

Oh I just love those cheeks and squishy lips!