Hudson Walker McCall is Here!!

We are so excited to announce that our son Hudson Walker McCall was born at 8:47am on Dec 27th.  He weighed 6lbs 10oz and was 20 inches long.

I guess I will be able to tell my son that I was outside running and playing in the snow the day before he was born.  Thanks to the snow that hit on Christmas night we didn't get out of the house the day after Christmas and we all had a little cabin fever so we all decided to play in the snow.  Well, good thing that I took my "38 week" picture that day.  Little did I know I would be meeting my son the next morning.

Shortly after these pictures were taken I decided to call the Dr. on call because I was concerned that my water may have broken, but it was not like what I had learned in any of the classes or what you see in movies so I was sure I was just being a worried first time mother and didn't know real labor signs.  When I called the Dr. he said that I should go into the hospital to be checked just in case.  Zach and I got in the car and set out in the the ice and snow to the hospital for a check.  A few hours later around 4:00 pm the nurse stepped in and said "Cancel all of your plans.  You are having a baby tonight!"  The nurse laughed and said that a look of fear spread across my face while Zach was just grinning from ear to ear.  Quickly, I was set up in a labor and delivery room and the Dr. had decided to start Pitocin because it was possible that my water had been broken for a day or two and I had not started having regular contractions on my own.  I was a little upset about having to start Pitocin because I knew that might make the labor a little longer but I knew it was the only choice.  After wrapping my head around the fact that the baby was coming a little earlier than expected we settled in our room and started calling family members.  My mom, brother, and sister were all able to come by the hospital for support and Zach's parents were able to get plane tickets for early the next morning.  I have always told Zach that when I was in labor I was going to force him to watch all of my favorite girl movies that he never watches with me, including Sound of Music.  The funniest thing happened when I turned on the TV to try to get my mind off of contractions, Sound of Music was on!   Even if Zach didn't watch The Sound of Music with me he was AMAZING through the entire thing and I don't know what I would have done without him.  I will spare all of the details but due to Mr. Hudson being positioned so that he was pushing directly on my spine, the rest of the night was LONG and exhausting but it all ended at 8:47 am when he came out absolutely perfect.  Daddy was proud of Hudson's scores of 9 and 9 on his Apgar!

Looking happy/scared in the beginning

Getting ready to go to the nursery 

Proud Daddy

We stayed in the hospital until Wednesday morning and we were so ready to take him home.  Hudson is so loved and had lots of sweet visitors in the hospital.  We were so thankful that both grandparents were able to be here for his birth.   Below are lots of pictures from his first few days.  The fact that we are actually parents to this tiny little boy is still a little surreal.

NC Grandma

Uncle Ron 

Aunt Bec Bec

Two Miracles, Scott and Hudson.   

Meeting his Texas Grandparents 

Nana McCall

Look at all of that hair!  

Daddy, his perma-grin and his boy.

His Awesome booties.  A Tarheel fan already of course.

Our little family getting ready to go home.  

He was a little smaller than expected so none of his going home clothes would fit him.  Luckily Zach let him wear the "Mommy loves me" outfit.

All snug and ready to go home.

Zach loading him into the car. Snow was still on the ground when we left the hospital.

This was my view all the way home.  :) 

Meeting Angel for the first time.  

Thank you Aunt Brianna for my super cute tie onesies!

Two days old and already grabbing the Paci

Eyes wide open

So far he has a love/hate relationship with the Paci 

Melts my heart

Since coming home from the hospital, Hudson has developed some Jaundice.  Luckily we caught it quick and he is currently having to wear a Bili-blanket at all times until it is under control.  Unfortunately we have spent way too much time at Doctor's offices for his first two days of life.  It just breaks my heart to see my baby sick but I know this is something that will be fixed in no time.  For now, Hudson looks a lot like his Glow worm.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Zach's new theme song for Hudson is "This little light of mine"

Two EXHAUSTED parents with the love of their life.  

Today's check-up

Zach and I got to go on a brunch date this morning and then we had another check up with the doctor.  My belly grew another centimeter and the heartbeat was strong!  Hopefully there will be more good news after the ultrasound next Wednesday.   Until then I plan on eating lots of mom's yummy cooking and enjoying Christmas time with family and friends.

I can't really reach my feet anymore without cutting off my oxygen supply so sweet Zach agreed to paint my toenails.  I could get used to this pampering.

My sister had a fun Dirty Santa Christmas party at her house this week.  We were finally able to take some sister pictures with the baby bump.

I just love how Lola (the dog) smiled for this picture. :)  Lola was rescued by her mommy Mariangela a few years ago and is one of the sweetest pups.  She is just another reason that everyone should get rescue pups from shelters.  There are so many animals out there that have lots of love to give and are just waiting for a family to come find them.  (ok..I will get off of my soapbox for now ;)

37 weeks!

I went in for a  quick check up last Friday and the the doctor said that I am still measuring small but that she would expect that knowing that he was small on the last ultrasound.  I am still gaining weight so that is a good sign that he is growing too.  She said it is possible that he may have dropped a little in preparation for delivery which would also make the measurement a little bit off.   His heartbeat was strong and he is still having fun kicking me and rolling around in there!  I am scheduled for another check up on Thursday and then another ultrasound to check growth on the following Tuesday.  This week we have kept busy with Christmas shopping, washing all the newborn baby clothes, making a belly cast, and installing the car seat!  Installing the car seat was Zach's job and that car seat is pretty darn secure. :)

I can't believe that Chrismas is in 5 days!!!  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

      It snowed again this weekend! This window that looks into the backyard is the dog's favorite place to watch for squirrels and deer.

    Poor Angel is barely tall enough to see out but she loves it.

                Roscoe got a Santa hat from his uncle Ron.  Can't you tell that he was thrilled to have it on? :)

         Wyatt also loved it ;)

                        Zach learning how to install his baby boy's car seat.  I am glad he decided to read the instructions for this.

It is in and ready for our sweet baby.

37 week Belly

Weekend Getaway

We are trying enjoy these last few weeks that we have while the baby is snug inside of my belly and easy to take care of so we decided to go to Charlotte for the weekend.  We had a great time hanging out with family in Charlotte and even got to spend some time with Zach's Grandma and show her the ultrasound pictures of her Great-Grandson!  We got to go on a few "dates", ate at one of our favorite places (The Flying Biscuit -Yum), shopped a little and just hung out together and relaxed which was wonderful.  I have one amazing husband and I know he is going to be an awesome Dad.

      We stayed at the Ballantyne Hotel in Charlotte and it looked so pretty decorated for Christmas.  I think this huge Christmas tree makes the belly look a little smaller than it is but here is the 36 week belly!


We went in for an ultrasound today because my belly was measuring a little on the small side at the last few visits.  Good news is that all of the measurements that they did looked normal today and the heartbeat was strong.  They said that baby McCall is probably just going to be a small baby but that he was in the normal range.  Based on today's measurements he is approximately 5lbs 3 oz and if he goes to full term then he will probably be in the 6 pound range.  The technician switched the machine over to the 4-D picture so we were able to get a glance at what he might look like.  He looks so cute already!  He was sucking on his bottom lip during most of the pictures and we even got to see him practicing his sucking.  She said that he already has some hair...wonder if it will be curly?  Keep baby McCall in your prayers as he grows these last 4 weeks.