Family Time

It was so nice to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend with my family in Greensboro.  My mom, sister, and brother were there all weekend and we even got a visit from some of the extended family.  Hudson got to have a sweet visit with his great-grandma McCall in Charlotte.   Although holiday weekends no longer mean sleeping late for us it did make me remember what it was like to be home with Hudson all day everyday before I went back to work.   :(  I miss those days.  He actually naps and I get to see him for more that an hour in the evening when he is exhausted after daycare.  I think I need to start buying lottery tickets so maybe I can just go back to work when he gets his driver's license. :)  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

 Snuggles with Grandma

 He likes to ride on the rocking chair arm like it is a rocking horse. :)


 Hudson ("Big Boy" as Scott calls him) loved playing outside and finding sticks with Scott. Scott is just one more thing we are thankful for this year.  He has come a long way since this time last year.  Be on the lookout for the band Parmalee!! They were signed to a record label in Nashville and will have an awesome single out soon!

 Grandma found an awesome tent for Hudson on clearance so we put it up in the living room.  He likes hiding behind the door and playing Peek-a Boo.

 Oh his faces!

 "Step on it Grandma!"

He would have kept riding until it got dark but the adults were worn out before he was.  Can't wait until he can start pushing it with his own feet.

11 months old!

Can't believe we are almost to the end of our 12 month sticker set! (said with a pouty face)
This month Hudson is on the move.  He is a fast crawler and loves to pull up, let go, and do what we like to call the "trust fall".   He just falls backwards and laughs so hard when we catch him or he falls on us.  Luckily we are usually there to catch him but tonight he tried it in the bath tub so I think we are going to have to say "no no" to the random falling.  I am not sure if he has had his first "official word" yet but he has been very vocal this month.  He loves to say "ah ah"and point at the lights to get us to turn them off and on.  He waves "bye" and moves his mouth but only sometimes the "ba" sound comes out at the same time.  He says "duh duh duh" whenever he sees the dogs.  He says "ma ma" and "da da" and seems to understand what they mean but usually just screams when he needs one of us. (He is very impatient like his daddy)  He recently started saying "uh oh" and loves to sing and hum when he is playing.   His favorite toys are his push car but prefers riding to pushing, Zach's guitar, pots, a random plastic disc, and the formula scoop.  His top two teeth are almost all the way through!  He still hates falling asleep but has been sleeping through the night (around 7:30pm until 6 am) for the last week (I thought this day would never come!)   I am amazed daily when I get his report card from daycare that says "I napped from 11:55 to 12:05" or something similar to that.  What baby goes ALL day without napping?!  He is such a funny little guy and seems to love to make people laugh.  He LOVES music and will stop to dance whenever he hears a new song.  Let me tell you...he has some moves and some soul in that little body of his.

 It is a little hard to see the "11 month" but he was happy as he could be sitting outside in the leaves so I didn't try to move him too much.

 Cracking himself up..

 "Blue Steel"

 I was surprised that he sat longer than 2 seconds in the leaves.

 Sticks!!  Coolest toys ever!

Looks like he lost his dentures :)

Every Southern Boy Loves Gravy :)

This was Hudson's first taste of turkey with gravy.  He loved it and couldn't get it in his mouth fast enough. He was also a big fan of the stuffing with gravy.  This year I think I enjoyed watching him eat as much as I enjoyed eating my Thanksgiving dinner.  I am thankful that he is such a great eater.  Hopefully it will continue.

Happy Turkey Day!

This year I have this beautiful healthy 10 month old to be thankful for.  Last year on Thanksgiving day we packed up and moved from Atlanta to NC.  This year was much more relaxing and so fun to see Hudson trying his turkey and stuffing (with gravy of course) for the first time.  He is a big fan on Grandma's cooking for sure!  Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving with their families!

Can't believe that this was me this time last year 34 weeks pregnant!  It is just crazy how time flies and that now we have another family member at the Thanksgiving table.

Hudson patiently waiting for his Thanksgiving dinner.

It was really warm outside today so we hung out on the porch for awhile.

See those cute curls starting to pop up?  Love it.