Forget the Christmas Presents..

Just leave Hudson the box!  His Nana and Big Papa sent his birthday present early this year.  It has been unseasonably warm outside so we decided to give it to him a little early this year.  He won't know the difference. :)  Well he LOVES the wagon and he also has had lots of fun playing in the box that it came in.  He was a little hesitant to get in it at first but after he saw his dad do it he crawled right in.  He realized that he could close the "doors" and play peekaboo.  I will post some pictures of the actual wagon soon.

"No, are too big for the box."


Random but Hudson playing in the box reminded me of a this book.  Did anyone else love this book?  It was one of my favorites when I was little.  It is about a little girl that make all sorts of things with a refrigerator box.   I always thought it would be so cool but never seemed to have a big enough box.

We are in trouble when he learns how to say "outside"


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