A Few More From Texas

 Hudson literally rode around in this car for an hour outside and was quiet as can be.  (Besides honking the horn)  Kailee and I took turns pushing him because it was so hot outside.  Hudson didn't seem to mind.

 Getting ready to go fishing!

 Since we will not be there for Kailee's birthday, we had a little family celebration while we were there. She had an awesome cake!  Hudson enjoyed it too.

 Aunt Kailee and Aunt Emma.  

 Nana set up a little pool for Hudson in the shade.

 Trying to blow bubbles in the water.

 Watering the plants with Nana

 He really just wanted to water the pool.  

 Fighting daddy for the hose

 Pictures like this just makes me realize how he does not look like our child sometimes with his blond hair.

 I love that grin!

Long (Hot) Weekend In Texas

We just got back from our fun Memorial Day weekend in Texas.  We had a blast. We got to meet the newest cute family member Emmylou.  We helped Nana and Papa move into their new house and tried to beat the heat by staying indoors and swimming in the new pool!  

Hudson learned to blow bubbles in the water but we got the camera too late.  He was over it at this point but still loving the pool.  He really liked watching Kailee and Emma swim and having them "fetch" his toys that he would throw in the pool.

Dancing and swimming

Loving on the "Bebe".  Hudson was really sweet to his cousin Emmylou and was always worried about where she was if she wasn't in the room.  He liked to point out her nose and was a little concerned when she cried.  He was also very interested in where her "baba" was at all times.  He was not really a fan of mommy or daddy holding Emmylou.  Hopefully his feelings will change before October!

 Giving her a hug
Snuggling with Aunt Emma and Aunt Kailee

 Leading the way to the gate at the airport.  He was really good on the plane and as much I dislike watching  "The Wiggles"  I was very thankful for their extra long DVD on the plane ride. :)

Good Manners

I promise that he has never seen either of us do this! :)  Dad gave him a taste of cinnamon bun icing Saturday morning for breakfast.  Surprise! He loved it.

Choo Choo!

Hudson got a big treat on Sunday.  Hudson and I met Aunt Bec Bec, and "CeCe" at Pullen Park for the afternoon.  Hudson got to ride a miniature train and a carousel for the first time. We rode the carousel first and he was a little impatient in the beginning when it finally started moving he was loving it.  For some reason the pregnancy made me a little nauseous on the ride but it was totally worth riding with my boy.  He also loved the train ride and fell asleep that night mumbling about the "Choo Choo!" and laughing.   Pullen Park also has some awesome playgrounds where he braved some pretty big slides and even took his shoes off and got in the sand area after some coaxing from Aunt Becca.  We have to get ready for his upcoming beach trip!

 CeCe and Hudson watching the train go by.

 He found a stick and looked like a little old man with his hat and walking stick.  haha

 Watching the carousel and waiting to get on.

 First train ride

 Poor little scab on his check and swollen lip from his little spill on Sat.

 Getting excited about the train ride.

 Checking out the water mister

 He finally decided that it was cool to play in the sand.

 He is pretty silly

Here are a few videos of his first rides.  Again, please excuse the chatty mom in the background.  What a fun day!

Rocker Hudson

One thing is for sure...this kid loves music and musical instruments.  He had a blast at the music festival on Saturday where Parmalee played.   He got to hang out on the tour bus, see lots of guitars, and even got his own set of real drum sticks from Scott.  He also got to see Joe Nichols but was much more impressed by Scott, Matt, Josh, and Barry.  I was a bad audiologist mommy and forgot to buy him ear muffs before we went and of course he wanted to be right up in the front.  We tried putting the disposable ear plugs in but he was not having it.  The night ended with another busted lip but he was a trooper and just needed a little paci comfort to calm him down.

 Rocking his Parmalee gear.  

 Parmalee's biggest fans.

 Before the bloody lip....

After the bloody lip..  He is only crying at this point because I took away the paci to clean his mouth off.

Scott's drum sticks did the trick to cheer him up.  He knew exactly what to do with them and didn't put them down the rest of the night.  They were also the first toy he played with this morning.  We might all need ear plugs in the house now that he has learned to bang them on the pots and pans.

Relaxing with his drumstick and Aunt Bec Bec.

This week Hudson has started to shake his head "Yes" or "No" when you ask him a question.  It is neat to see him actually let us know what he wants.  It has made dinner time a little easier because he will just shake his head no if he doesn't want what I am trying to give him instead of screaming.
 I have heard the word "No" and few times already.  Oh Boy, I am kind of dreading that one.  There is a little girl in Hudson's class at school that is in a phase where she says "NO!" to everything.  Let's hope he doesn't pick that up.  He is also starting to understand what "Hot" means and will say it whenever I am cooking something on the stove or drinking anything out of a coffee cup.  He is growing up too fast.