Choo Choo!

Hudson got a big treat on Sunday.  Hudson and I met Aunt Bec Bec, and "CeCe" at Pullen Park for the afternoon.  Hudson got to ride a miniature train and a carousel for the first time. We rode the carousel first and he was a little impatient in the beginning when it finally started moving he was loving it.  For some reason the pregnancy made me a little nauseous on the ride but it was totally worth riding with my boy.  He also loved the train ride and fell asleep that night mumbling about the "Choo Choo!" and laughing.   Pullen Park also has some awesome playgrounds where he braved some pretty big slides and even took his shoes off and got in the sand area after some coaxing from Aunt Becca.  We have to get ready for his upcoming beach trip!

 CeCe and Hudson watching the train go by.

 He found a stick and looked like a little old man with his hat and walking stick.  haha

 Watching the carousel and waiting to get on.

 First train ride

 Poor little scab on his check and swollen lip from his little spill on Sat.

 Getting excited about the train ride.

 Checking out the water mister

 He finally decided that it was cool to play in the sand.

 He is pretty silly

Here are a few videos of his first rides.  Again, please excuse the chatty mom in the background.  What a fun day!


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