A Few More From Texas

 Hudson literally rode around in this car for an hour outside and was quiet as can be.  (Besides honking the horn)  Kailee and I took turns pushing him because it was so hot outside.  Hudson didn't seem to mind.

 Getting ready to go fishing!

 Since we will not be there for Kailee's birthday, we had a little family celebration while we were there. She had an awesome cake!  Hudson enjoyed it too.

 Aunt Kailee and Aunt Emma.  

 Nana set up a little pool for Hudson in the shade.

 Trying to blow bubbles in the water.

 Watering the plants with Nana

 He really just wanted to water the pool.  

 Fighting daddy for the hose

 Pictures like this just makes me realize how he does not look like our child sometimes with his blond hair.

 I love that grin!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of everyone. Glad you had a great time.

Melody said...

I can't stop laughing about the picture of Huddy fight Zach for the hose...he's so funny!

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