"Monday Funday"

Yesterday Zach and I both met at Hudson's daycare to pick him up.  It was so cute because he was so happy and surprised to see us both there.  He ran up and gave me a hug then gave Zach a big hug and immediately ran to the door and started trying to get out.  He was ready to go!  We drove to Cary to have dinner with friends to celebrate Quincy's birthday.  Even though it was Quincy's birthday, Essie also wanted it to be her birthday again.  Quincy said that she insisted on wearing her outfit from her 2nd birthday party and getting "candy cakes"(cupcakes) at the store to bring to dinner.  She is so funny.  Hudson and Essie had a good time running around.  I am sure they were both exhausted.  It was nice to have a fun Monday for once!

 Can you tell that Hudson is pretty much the same size as Essie and she is 27 months!  

 Essie shared her candy cakes with Hudson.  He ate his in two bites while lady-like Essie took little bites from hers until she finished it.  :)


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