Luke's First Trip To Texas

I am a few weeks behind on this post but we have been on the go!  Luke joined us for the first time to go visit Nana and Papa and all of the McCalls/Lambs in Texas.  They had spring break down there a little earlier than here so we headed down to spend a week with the family while Kailee, Emma, and Jason were on break.  The weather was perfect!  I actually became a little spoiled with the warm temperatures.  When we landed back in NC it was 46 degrees and raining.  We had such a good time spending time with everyone and wish we were all closer.  We kept busy with three grandchildren in the house.  And come August there will be one more McCall baby!  Hudson and Luke will have another cousin in August.  We should know if it will be a boy or a girl sometime next week!  Here are a few (well lots of) pictures and videos from our visit.

Hudson was such a good traveler.  It was a pretty long trip down there on a really tiny airplane but they both were really well behaved.  We decided to take Hudson's carseat to keep him contained and I think it was worth the trouble of dragging it through security.  Zach had to get a "pat down" each time we went through security and Hudson was very interested in what was going on.  When we got through and started putting our shoes back on Hudson started patting us all down.  Haha!

Getting out a little energy in the play area at the airport.

He was quite a heavy travel companion.  He now weighs 17lbs 8 ounces at last weigh-in a couple of days ago.

 I call this the "first-class" of toddler travel.  

 Thank goodness for the paci and the wiggles on this flight.

I love the Ergo carrier and Luke enjoys it most of the time too!

Nana and Papa had an easter egg hunt a little early so we could be a part of it. Since Luke and Emmylou are not walking yet, Hudson had a pretty full basket of eggs.

Sweet Emmylou and Luke

Emmylou is all girl and oh so sweet.  She just wants to plant kisses on everyone.   Hudson was quite the contrast to calm Emmylou.  He is on the go ALL OF THE TIME! 

It was nice enough to play at the park most days and have a little snack picnic.

Nana took us all to the Grapevine aquarium.  It was just the right size for little kids and Hudson had a blast.
He has learned that it is funny to make funny faces when we ask him to smile or break out the camera.  He really likes to make people laugh.

We told him to hold his nose so it would look like he was underwater. Hehe. :)

He wasn't too sure about the touch tank but he did eventually put his hands in.

Kailee and Hudson

 Luke was in awe of the underwater tunnel.

Hudson was a little unsure about walking on the glass over the water.

No...Nana doesn't spoil him at all!  This is his "sprinkle breakfast."  Sprinkles make everything better! :)

Doing some crafts with Aunt Kailee and Aunt Emma

We also went to a little place that had bounce houses, ball pits, trampolines, and pretend animals to ride on.

Hudson is not really a fan of loud noises but really loves trains.  He was brave enough to ride and then the ride attendant thought it would be more fun to yell really loud to get the kids excited.  Hudson was not amused.

This is Papa trying to convince him to ride the cool hot dog car.  Haha.

These were really cool animals that the kids could ride on.  Hudson waited for his turn but when the man turned it on it made a loud roar and he refused to ride.  Oh well..maybe next time.

Luke working on sitting up.

Luke's first time in a jumparoo.  He loved it.  Emmylou was teaching him about all of the toys.

Getting Hudson still for a picture is not easy but a cookie is usually a good way to make him look happy.

Hudson went fishing with Papa, daddy, and Uncle Seth a few times while we were there. I think these pictures are so cute! 

I think Zach said that Hudson used the words "wet" and "dirty" to describe the fish that papa caught for him.  LOL.  Guess he has been spending too much time with me and my hand sanitizer! :)

He will laugh at this one day.

Swinging with his cousin

Nana with her arms full of grand babies!

A little tee ball lesson.  Looks like he is trying to be a lefty!

Fishing with Daddy

He caught his first fish!  He was pretty excited. I was just praying that he wouldn't fall over that ledge.

"Cheesing" with his fish!

Here he is in action.

Next he worked on his golf swing.

Emmylou is going to be such a sweet big sister!

We went to the Ft. Worth Zoo on St. Patrick's day.  This was Hudson's first trip to a real zoo.  The weather was perfect!  From the picture above, Zach seems to think it is too much work to actually take Hudson out of the stroller to lift him up to see the elephants. :)

Watching the meerkats

Riding the carousel with Papa, Kailee, and Emma.

He loves these two!

Me and my little :)

Hudson's first taste of dippin' dots compliments of Papa.

 He really wanted to see the monkeys and the alligators and they were at the end. This is what  he looked like after no nap and a big first trip to the zoo.

He never does this!

Wish we could have stayed longer!  It is always hard leaving family and being so far away from everyone in Texas.  Now that I am "working" at home we are hoping that it will be easier to see everyone more often.

Speaking of working at home, Hudson made an interesting comment while we were in TX.  I guess someone said something about "mommy going to work" and he said,  "Mommies don't go to work." Funny Hudson.  I guess I am on vacation 24/7 now. ;)  He must have forgotten age 7-23 months when we dropped him off at daycare everyday while I went to work.

It is so funny to hear some of the things that come out of Hudson's mouth and realize that they are things that I say all of the time and don't realize it.  For example, he has started saying, "Actually" a lot lately.  He says things like, "Actually Mommy, this is blue." I never realized how much I use that phrase with him until he started saying it.  He also called Zach out for saying "Umm" during a conversation he heard him having on the phone.  What are you, a public speaking professor Hudson? :) It is also sweet to see how he talks to Luke just like we do.  When he cries he will say, "It's O.K. baby Luke, I am coming." or "Baby Luke, Hudson is almost done with his book hold on!"  Baby Luke often cries while I put him down to read Hudson a book before nap time.  My favorite is when Hudson starts to sing Luke the only song that calms him down just like I do.  It is sweet and I look forward to many more sweet moments between these brothers. :)