5 Month And 26 Month Fun!

I don't have much time to post or type because I usually only have one free hand but here is what has been going on in our life with a 5 month old and a 26 month old in picture form.

 Hudson continues to refuse to wear pants most of the time and only wants to wear 2 or 3 shirts over and OVER.

 He said he was going to take a nap in the box from Costco but realized it was a little uncomfortable.

 Hudson decided that he is too big for the high chair and is now sitting in a big boy booster seat.

 We went to the library for story time and learned about wind and made a kite.

 Luke is such a trooper at the library. Hudson would never have done this at Luke's age.

 Hudson had his first trip to one of my favorite places...Krispy Kreme.  I was hoping that they would be making the doughnuts so he could watch but they weren't.  

 He was pretty happy with getting a special treat anyway.  He had a coupon from Valentine's Day to use for a free doughnut so I gave him the coupon and told him he could pay for the doughnut that he picked out.  He was so cute and told the lady at the counter that he wanted a "sprinkle doughnut please!" and then he said, "I pay!" and handed her the coupon.


 Cute chunky baby Luke.

 Can't waste any of that goodness!

 Luke just got to wear a hat.  No doughnuts yet.  

Although,  I know this belly looks like I feed him doughnuts! :)

 He is teething and just wants to chew on his fingers all of the time.

 Ok, I know it looks like he eats nothing but junk.  On this occasion Cee Cee came to visit and brought him this because she knows that food is the way to his heart.  I managed to swipe most of the cupcake while he wasn't looking so he didn't eat the whole thing.

 This is what sleep deprivation does.  I picked out one of Luke's diapers for Hudson to wear.  I finally realized it when Hudson kept saying,  "My diaper hurts!" while walking around funny.

Sweet Luke during one of his short naps.

Luke is 5 months old!  He weighed 16lbs 13 oz today!

 Look a little different here?  This is Hudson when he was 5 months old.  They look so different but I see lots of similarities too.

 And here is my 5 month old and my 26 month old.  Where is the time going?

 Luke is just so interested in what we are eating so I decided to go ahead and give him some rice cereal.  I was going to try and wait until he was 6 months since I am trying really hard to keep breast feeding him but he just seemed so ready.  He loved it!

Those thighs are from being such a good eater.

Here are Hudson's latest attempts at shapes.  I thought they were pretty good!  This is a "Z" (the red at the top)

 This is a triangle

 Hard to see but he told me this was a yellow oval on the right

 And a circle

Hudson was very excited to go out to eat at a Japanese restaurant and drink out of the "little cups"  We thought he might like to watch the guys cooking at the table but he said no after getting a glimpse of it so we sat in the bar area.


 Trying out the kid chopsticks

 I feel like I must mention that he really hates for me to brush his hair and we haven't had time for a haircut so this crazy hair is what we usually go out with.

 He was so good at dinner that we took him to a yogurt shop for the first time.  Of course he was a fan.

 Sad attempt at a picture with me and the boys.

Sunday we celebrated Harper's 2nd birthday at Bizi Kidz!

 Luke was so tired that he fell asleep sitting up on Becca.  He would never do this for me!

So sweet

Just wanted to leave you with Hudson's sweet dance moves.  I promise that I haven't been teaching him Jazzercise.  


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