Three Amigos

What a treat to have two of my best friends and their boys make the trip to visit us over the weekend!  They were both brave mommas and drove alone with their toddlers to Chapel Hill so this pregnant momma wouldn't have to make a trip.  Our weekends and road trips aren't quite what they used to be now that we have 3 active boys.  Ben is now 2 and-a-half, Cohen is 2yrs, 2 months, and Hudson is 19 months.  It was another HOT weekend so keeping the boys entertained in the air conditioning was the best we could hope for.  We did make it to Pullen Park on Saturday morning but didn't stay too long because we couldn't take the heat.  Other than that we entertained ourselves by watching the boys play and laughing at their silliness. It was a great weekend and I wish they were closer because we don't get to do this often enough.

Aunt Becca came to visit on her way to Raleigh.

Waiting for the "choo-choo"  
"Yea Mom!  I am ready!"  (Until the loud whistle blows anyway)

Ben was not so excited about the train in the beginning.  He wanted to play on the playground.

Cohen was ready for the Choo-Choo!

Hudson taking it all in on the train

Next came the boats.  Cohen and Ben were totally ready for it and when Hudson saw that they were riding he said he wanted to ride.  He acted excited about it until it actually started moving.  Then the tears started.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get him off mid-ride so he had to suffer through.  He would stop and turn the steering wheel every once in a while but then start crying again.  Finally, I remembered I had the "Papis" (Paci) and that at least stopped the crying.  You can see he still looked pretty pitiful.

Cohen hanging out in the shade.

Hudson's first "Loco Pop" experience.  We chose a cherry LocoPop and he loved it.

Waiting on the Merry-go-round

He loved it so much the first time we were here but this time he wanted down as soon as it started moving.  Imagine me at 30 weeks pregnant trying to get him off of his horse and then trying to hold him on my hip for the duration of the ride.  All while being a little dizzy. :)

We did some playing in the shade in the back yard.  Clothing was optional for Hudson.

Blowing bubbles with Sarah

A minor collision

Just thought Hudson's expression was funny in this one.

He was probably worried that there was more thunder coming.  We had bad storms both nights that they were here.

A ginger and two blondies!

"mmm bubbles"

My little sumo wrestler showing off his graceful running skills- nick named "Half-ton Hud" by Melody. :)

We were out numbered when Zach got home.  They had a little jam session with the guitar.

Since Hudson is just as big (or bigger) than Ben and Cohen we decided that he should try on a pair of Ben's big boy undies.  

They were just a little snug. hehe.  
Hudson has had a few successful trips to the potty so far but I think we are quite a bit away from being potty-trained.  Guess we will have two in diapers in October.  Better start stocking up on coupons!

His prized possession "mow mow"

Ben showing Hudson how it is done.

"I did it!"

Sweet Cohen

Crazy Hudson ;)  He really cracks me up watching him run.

We tried many times to get some pictures with all three boys but they were not having it.  In this case it was Hudson who was being difficult.

In order to at least get them in the same vicinity for more that 5 seconds we told them to bang on the garage door to wake up the animals inside.  They then started telling us about all the animals (Monkeys, Lions, and Elephants) that were sleeping in the garage.

Hudson being a Ham as usual

Finally we got them all to sit down with us and told Zach to snap away!  At least we got a few with everyone looking and eyes open.

Hard to see the belly in this picture but Cohen was being sweet to baby boy on the way!  

Even after a busy weekend with the boys Hudson was ready to go again after a short nap.  Aunt Becca came to visit on her way home and they both got a little workout running around the house. 

Thought this was pretty cute.  Hudson was so surprised when Aunt Becca walked in the door.