Hudson and I had a fun playdate with sweet baby Owen on Thursday at Kidzu children's museum in Chapel Hill.  Owen's mom (Kathy) and I have known each other since elementary school and lived together in college.  Although we don't do it often enough, it is always so fun to spend time together and now even more fun to see our boys playing together.  Owen is only 8 months old and he is already walking!  (poor mommy and daddy are busy now) He is really calm, sweet, and not to mention CUTE!  Since both boys are on the move it was difficult to get them in the same place at the same time for pictures.   

Not sure what this face meant but pretty funny. 

Hudson showing off his head stand skills to Owen

"Hi Owen"

Owen really wanted to pull Hudson's curls

Last week we took Hudson to REI and had fun testing out the bikes and camping supplies.  I will leave the camping up to daddy when he gets a little older. :)

 This weekend also marked the first time that Hudson got to lick the the mix off of a beater!  Grandma was making a dream whip topping for a cake and he came in the room at just the right time.  Now I am sure he will go crazy when he sees another beater.  Too bad for him, his mom doesn't have anytime for baking these days.  I will leave the baking to Grandma and Nana for now.  They are much better at it anyway.

Aunt Becca watched Hudson while we were house hunting this weekend and we came home to "pebbles".  She loves to bug Zach and put Hudson's hair up.  He was pretty cute.


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