Grandma/Aunt Bec Bec Daycare :)

Hudson's daycare closes for the entire week of 4th of July so that put us in a little bit of a childcare dilemma but luckily my mom is off for the summer and Aunt Bec Bec can bring Hudson to work with her so they took care of him while I worked last week.  This involved lots of commuting to and from Greensboro for me because I couldn't stand to be away from Hudson for a night but it was worth it and Hudson had a great week off of school too.  I learned just how much better behaved he is when I am not around.  They tell me that he is so good at daycare and doesn't fuss or whine but I always thought that they were just being nice by saying that. I guess this is typical of most kids but it still amazes me how he tries manipulate me even when he knows what he is supposed to be doing and not doing.  For example, he still refuses to nap in his crib during the day with me so I usually sit and read books to him until he goes to sleep.  But when my mom kept him she said that she just laid him down in the pack-n-play and he laid there until he went to sleep.  If I would have been around it would have been a scream-fest for at least 30 minutes.  But he is right...if he cries enough I usually come back in to soothe him.  Guess we will have to work on that before little brother gets here.  So far, little brother behaves much like Hudson did in the womb so I might have another non-sleeper on my hands.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Hudson thoroughly enjoyed eating watermelon outside in the scorching heat half-naked.  Here are lots of pics just because I think he is so cute in his diaper and shoes.  Speaking of shoes...we noticed that his right shoe is getting a little snug so I took him to be measured at REI and learned that his feet have grown almost an entire shoe size since I bought his Keen's in the spring!  Wish they sold more shoes at consignment stores.  This growing boy is spending more on shoes that I do in a season!

 He loves to clean the tables


 "Whatcha looking at?"

 As Hudson would say,  "Mess!"

 "Can I eat this part too?"

 "Hello"  Anytime he hears something that sounds like a phone ringing he says, "Hello!"  

 Hanging out with Scott and Becca.  Scott had a rare week off and came into town to visit.  Hudson loves his Scott.

 He got to go on a dinner date with Harper. :)

 So cute to watch them interacting. 

 They were giving the kisses freely.  So sweet.

 "How did you like that Harper?"

 We tried to beat the heat in the wading pool outside but it was still pretty miserable in the heat.

 My little sumo wrestler.

 Zach playing with Hudson's new helicopter that uncle Ron brought him.

 "Awesome!"  He has started saying, "Cool" and "Awesome" and usually reserves if for fun toys like the helicopter.

 Angel is also very entertained by the new toy.

 Fun at Bizi Kidz

Feeding the new Guinea Pig, Rocket.

A few other new/fun things that Hudson is doing: 
climbing on everything
saying, "Please", "Thank-you", and "Love you" more consistently
using a few two-word phrases
singing but seems to stop if he knows you are listening
saying "bye bye" to inanimate objects when ever he leaves them.."bye bye potty, bye bye guitar" etc 
saying "Are you?" when he is trying to find something
He is disliking Wyatt more each day because he barks in his face.  He says, "Wywatt Mean" or "No, No, Wywatt. He has even started covering his ears when Wyatt comes around.  : (
Last week he started saying a phrase that I couldn't figure out.  He usually said it when he was frustrated and last night I finally realized that he is saying "Don't mess with me!"  I have no idea where he heard that phrase because I asked his teacher and she said that she doesn't say it and she doesn't think that any of the older kids say it but somehow he has picked it up and said it very clearly last night when I was washing his face and changing his diaper.

Things he loves at the moment:
Mow Mow (lawn mower)
The Wiggles
Parmalee CD on repeat
Berries (any kind)
Paci (as always)


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