Raising A Boy

 I am officially 29 weeks and I don't think I have taken a real belly picture since week 16 or so.   I will work on getting a few this weekend but this belly is growing pretty fast and there hasn't been much time for picture posing.  We have been busy house hunting so we can make room for our growing family and busy keeping up with Hudson who doesn't seem to stop going all day unless it is to watch the Wiggles (oh joy).  My sister sent me this link this week and since I am having another boy I thought I would share.  So far it is so true.  Love my boys but I have a lot to learn!  Growing up with my sister and mom in the house most of the time was quite different for sure.

 We spent our Sunday morning at Grandma's in our pajamas playing outside before it got too hot.  Hudson is apparently a janitor at heart and insists  on playing with mops, brooms, and dusters.  He just had to bring the swiffer mop outside to mop the driveway.

 I always hate to see the daycare number pop up on my phone while I am at work.  It is never a good reason that they are calling.  Either he is sick or something happened.  Miss Maria called me on Friday afternoon to let me know that Hudson fell and hit the corner of a table.  The result was his first black eye. :(  You can kind of see it in the picture above.  Poor Hud.

 It is pretty neat that when Hudson is at Grandma's house he gets to take bath in the same blue bathtub that I used to take a bath in when I was little.  I will spare you the comparison pictures but believe me not much has changed about this bathroom.  Grandma is getting ready to do some renovations so I thought I should get a few pictures of him in my old bathtub.

Hudson figured out that he can climb on Grandma's coffee table.  When he got up there he thought he was on stage and immediately started singing and giving us a show. Rebecca caught the tail end of his silliness on video.

He has got a pretty awesome laugh...just like his Daddy. :)

After he was finished with his dinner he leaned over and started asking Wyatt if he wanted one of his "puffs".  He stuck his hand out like he was going to give it to Wyatt and then he took it back and put it in his own mouth and said "All Gone" and started laughing.  Already teasing the poor dogs.  Soon after he realized how funny it was to actually give them the food.  This video shows the end of the fun.  Since he was out of food he decided to just throw the whole bowl on Wyatt.  :-/


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