Fun Fourth

Still can't find my camera cord so pictures will come later.  We had a pretty low-key 4th of July because it was too hot to attend any outdoor festivals and Hudson can't make it late enough to see the fireworks yet.  Based on his response to the few that he saw at the baseball games a few weeks ago I don't think he is a big fan of the loud booms they make anyway.  We did get a big surprise when my brother flew into town 4th of July morning.  We picked him up at the airport and went out to lunch.  After a big lunch Hudson decided that a 15 minute nap on the car ride home was the only nap that he needed all day.  Uncle Ron brought him a cool new remote control car and helicopter from China that he loved.  I  am pretty sure that Zach thinks they are also the coolest toys ever too.  He will probably break them before Hudson even learns to use the remote controls.  Hudson spent a little time in the inflatable pool in the back yard to cool off.  He went full force until about 8:30 pm with no nap so I think he had a pretty fun 4th of July.

Here are a few videos since I don't have any pictures to show yet:

This is what excited looks like!  He loved the car and loved to watch Angel chasing it.  I think Santa will need to bring this little boy some motorized toys (and lots of batteries) for Christmas!

Hudson loves to listen to Parmalee and see his best buddy Scott playing the drums.  One of his new favorite songs that he requests over and over is playing in this video.  He usually tries to sing along but really likes the chorus.  Speaking of should be hearing them on the radio soon!  Must of Had a Good Time is their new single.  


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