Hot, Hot, Hot!

Hudson has learned the new meaning of "Hot" this week!  We have to say it to him every time he wants to go outside this past week.  It has been in the triple digits this week here in NC and the heat index has been something like 115 degrees!  This creates a problem for Hudson who would really like to spend all of his free time outside.

Hudson's school was supposed to have water fun day outside last Friday but it was so hot that they had to move the fun indoors.  When I went to pick him up his classroom was a slippery mess and 7 one year olds were all splashing around in pools filled up in the classroom having a blast.  I changed Hudson into a dry diaper before putting him in the car but we decided that it was too hot for clothes since my thermostat in the car said 109 degrees.

 What is better on a hot day than watermelon?  Or "Wawamelalala" as Hudson calls it.  He has eaten watermelon cut up into small pieces before but Aunt Becca gave him his first real slice of watermelon yesterday afternoon and he thought it was the biggest treat.  After he figured out what to do with hit he went to town and had 3 slices.  It was very entertaining and of course he did a little dancing (while watching his reflection in the sliding glass door) and eating at the same time.  Can't find my camera cord to upload the cute pictures of him eating his watermelon but here are a few short clips.


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