Thank Goodness For The iPhone

So happy to have my iPhone close by at all times now.  Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten any pictures this week.  We have been busy busy.

 He has just discovered that he can put on Daddy's hat.  He doesn't like to wear his own baseball cap yet.  Hopefully we can change that before the summer time.

 This is one tired boy.  He got to stay up late to watch his first Parmalee concert live online.  He even got a shout out from the band!  He grinned from ear to ear when he heard them say his name.  He was jamming and waving at the computer screen when he saw his buddy Scott.  After the concert he wanted to get his "Tar" and hold it while sitting in his rocking chair.

 Thursday we went to Greensboro to hang out with Grandma and Aunt Bec Bec.  After his nap at Becca's she took him outside for a little picnic.  He loved being outside and watching the men mow the yard.

He got to play with Harper and Izzy the Guinea Pig at Bizi Kidz.

 His new phrases this week are  "I do" and "That?"  He says "I do" whenever he is trying to climb on anything or when we ask if he wants to do something.  He points to anything that he doesn't know and says "That" over and over until we tell him what it is.  I guess he learned both phrases at school because I am not sure that we have said either of those to him too much at home.

Playtime with Harper!

Sent Home From School Again...

So we went about 5 days with being fairly healthy.  (yay)  One day back at daycare on Monday and we already got a call to come get him because he was sick again.  Is Spring here yet!! Tired of all of the sickness.

Hudson seems to be enjoying his one-year old classroom more and more and even walked in and waved "bye bye" to Daddy on Monday with a smile on his face.  Zach said that all of the little girls in the classroom run up to Hudson when he comes in the classroom each morning and Hudson just smiles and waves at them.  A few days ago when he put Hudson down one of the little girls said "Hud!" and came up and put her little hand on his back and walked him over to where the other kids were playing.  So sweet that he is making friends.  His teachers say that he is very animated and makes the funniest faces all day.  Hudson has started talking a lot more over the last few weeks.  Some of his "talking" is really cute gibberish to himself that he does while walking around and moving his head like he is having a conversation with someone.  I am trying to get that on camera!  He has recently started calling his paci a "papi" which is making our efforts to limit it to naps, nighttime, and car rides even more difficult.  Now that he can scream "papi!" until he gets it is no fun.  We are at least working on trying to get him to say please before he gets his "papi"  He has also started trying to sing along with me when I sing the "ABC" song.  The only parts that he actually says are "A" and "P" but in between he just hums and moves his mouth and head like he is singing the song with me.  Pretty cute.

 I just thought he was so cute in this little cowboy shirt from the McCalls that I had to take some pictures.  
 My pictures aren't as great anymore because this child is constantly moving or running towards me and I am not fast enough with my camera to figure out how to keep him in focus.  I thought giving him the lens cap would keep him occupied for a minute so he would stand still.  This is what he does with it. :)

 Another silly face

 The hair is slightly out of control lately but oh so cute when it curls. ;)

 He loves to play with balls and loves it when daddy bounces them really high.

 Watching daddy be silly.

Showing off his serious cowboy face in this one.

Naps Are For Babies

I think people think I am kidding when I say this boy fights sleep.  He has been this way since day one.  I remember reading how newborns are supposed to sleep 18-20 hours a day or something like that and being so confused because Hudson was not even close to that.  I took this video this weekend when we were visiting the McCall family in Charlotte.  I was trying to get him to take a little nap because he was clearly sleepy.  After about 45 minutes of this craziness we finally just got up and rejoined the family downstairs.  I like this video because it shows of his "face plant" into the bed that he likes to do when he doesn't want to go to sleep. :)  Let me remind you that this is the same child that "supposedly" walks over to his own mat at school and lays down and goes right to sleep when it is nap time.  I am really going to have to get them to get that on video for me because I still don't quite believe it.

Zach's mom and dad and sisters are in Charlotte this week cleaning out his grandparents house so we went down visit on Sunday.  Nana brought Zach's old rocking chair up to NC for Hudson.  Hudson loves having his own chair to sit in lately so it was perfect timing.  I had great intentions of taking lots of pictures with the family but things were pretty crazy trying to get everything cleaned out so I didn't really get out my camera much.  I did catch a few of Hudson in his rocking chair hanging out with his aunt Emma. :)

Playing The Guitar

Hudson get so excited when he sees a guitar.  He is pretty good at strumming it and even likes to use his paci as a pick.  He has been sick again this week with an on and off fever, cold, and cough.  Nothing new.  So we haven't taken too many pictures this week but I did manage to catch a few of him playing his "Tar" and he likes to call it.

In Case You Missed it..

Our Tarheels beat Duke over the weekend!  We watched the game at aunt Bec Bec's house and Hudson got to stay up late to celebrate.  He gets so silly when he gets tired.  The last 30 minutes before he goes to bed is always very entertaining.  It usually involves lots of laughing, head shaking, and anything that keeps him awake.  Here is a little of his silliness after the game.

Day with Mommy

Hudson and I had a fun day at home on my day off.  It was 73 degrees today and it felt so good to get a little sunshine.  Hudson naps wonderfully at school but on Thursdays he acts like it is the end of the world when I try to lay him down for a nap.  I think he thought it was a special day because he got a new bigger slide in the mail from Nana and I let him blow bubbles in the kitchen.  I usually try to reserve these for bath time but now that he is saying "bubble" it is hard to say no when he says it over and over until I get them.

Update on daycare:  Wednesday marked the first day that Hudson didn't cry when Zach left him in the one year old classroom.  Zach said he put him down and he went right over to one of his little friends and picked up toys and started playing.  Zach told him bye and Hudson just smiled.  I think Zach was a little sad.  When I picked him up that afternoon they told me that he had a great day and that he really enjoyed his lunch that day. He apparently enjoyed it so much that he tried to steal his friend's lunch that was eating beside him at the table. Haha.  When I asked what he loved so much they said it was the tuna fish sandwich!  Who knew?  I have never even thought of making that for him but glad to know that I can add something to his dinner menu.

New game for the slide