Thank Goodness For The iPhone

So happy to have my iPhone close by at all times now.  Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten any pictures this week.  We have been busy busy.

 He has just discovered that he can put on Daddy's hat.  He doesn't like to wear his own baseball cap yet.  Hopefully we can change that before the summer time.

 This is one tired boy.  He got to stay up late to watch his first Parmalee concert live online.  He even got a shout out from the band!  He grinned from ear to ear when he heard them say his name.  He was jamming and waving at the computer screen when he saw his buddy Scott.  After the concert he wanted to get his "Tar" and hold it while sitting in his rocking chair.

 Thursday we went to Greensboro to hang out with Grandma and Aunt Bec Bec.  After his nap at Becca's she took him outside for a little picnic.  He loved being outside and watching the men mow the yard.

He got to play with Harper and Izzy the Guinea Pig at Bizi Kidz.

 His new phrases this week are  "I do" and "That?"  He says "I do" whenever he is trying to climb on anything or when we ask if he wants to do something.  He points to anything that he doesn't know and says "That" over and over until we tell him what it is.  I guess he learned both phrases at school because I am not sure that we have said either of those to him too much at home.

Playtime with Harper!


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