For some reason I was thinking the independence stage would come a little closer to two years old but at 15 months it is here in full force.  It started a few weeks ago with his new "I do" phrase and now he pretty much refuses to hold an adult's hand in any situation that he might need some help.  Not wanting help with things of course leads to some interesting frustration fits.  These usually involve some screaming, throwing, a really stern look on his face, and pouting.  So far he seems to be a pretty determined little boy with a very short temper.  Hmm...kind of reminds me of his daddy. ;)

 We went to a new bigger playground this weekend.  I was sure he would be a little hesitant of all of the big equipment but turns out Zach, Grandma, and I were the ones chasing after him so he wouldn't jump off one of the higher pieces of equipment.  He loved watching all of the kids play.  One of the highlights of the trip was when Hudson was determined to be an "uninvited guest"or the actual "birthday boy" at another little boy's birthday party that was happening at a picnic nearby.  First he saw all the balloons ("boom booms") and just knew they were for him.  We were able to distract him from the balloons with a snack.  But when the little boy actually opened his presents and started bringing out all sorts of cars, trucks, and even a push car that blow bubbles out onto the playground Hudson just didn't understand why he couldn't run over and take all the birthday boy's toys.

Hudson went in for his 15 month check up on Thursday.  He weighed in at 26 lbs, 13 oz and is 32 and 3/4 inches tall.  Head circumference is 47.5 cm.  This puts him at 90th percentile for height and 80th percentile for weight.  The pediatrician reassured me that even though he refuses to eat vegetables, he is growing just fine.  He loves his carbs like his mommy.  In fact, his newest word is Cereal because that is all he really wants to eat.  It comes out really funny when he says it because it sounds like "erie-erie-al"  We try anything to try to get him to say it because it is so cute.

His hair is so funny.  One day it is straight like Justin Bieber and then the next day it will be curly.  His "curly" ranges from either very tight curls or something that resembles Gary Busey or Donald Trump. ;)

Checking out the cool stuff on the playground.  He was a little confused as to why he couldn't actually touch the balls in this one.

Snack time with Grandma

Not sure if he had too much in his cheeks or if he was giving someone a mean look.

 Playing it up for the camera.

I guess he thought "smile" meant give a kissy face.

Sweet rest time on Daddy

Zach is following because Hudson refuses to let him hold his hand.  He looks so proud about it doesn't he?

"Dad, it is much easier to climb up the slide than to walk all the way back around to the steps."

 Hehe...check out those curls.  Ok...I might call him a "pretty little girl" like many other do when they see him if I saw him in this picture.  Don't know how I am going to bring myself to cut his hair though. I just know he is going to look so grown-up when I do.

My loves

 Of course he only wanted to go down head first.  

 Testing the waters.  I believe that my easy trips to Target are now over.  Hudson has realized that it is so much more fun to push the cart than to ride in it.  After he got board with pushing he thought it was fun to run as fast as he could in front of my cart.  Oh boy.

 My chunky monkey waiting for Dr. Joe to come in.

I like that the iPhone has a feature where he can actually see himself while I am taking the picture because he actually tries to make funny faces that I wouldn't be able to get on camera otherwise.


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