Hudson's First Easter Egg Hunt

Hudson went to his first Easter egg hunt at school on Thursday.  They had to move it into the gym because the ground was wet outside so Hudson just thought it was playtime in the gym.  They invited the parents to come watch and take pictures.  They did the hunt with the one year-old and two year-old classrooms together.  The two year-olds totally knew what was going on but the cute one year-olds just thought the eggs were for throwing.  Hudson and his little classmates were quickly distracted by the bucket full of basket balls and decided those were more fun.  Please excuse my annoying voice in the video but I was trying my best to help him figure it out.  It was hard keeping up with him so there are lots of shots of the floor. He looked like he had fun anyway!

Distraction from the egg hunt

They were so cute just waiting to get into the gym.  They knew that there was something fun in there but not exactly sure what.  They just all ran in screaming and running in different directions.


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