Our New Date Night

Saturday we had an exciting (parent's term for eating at a kid-friendly restaurant and hanging out in a public place where he can run around) night out.  We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and Hudson really enjoyed watching the "Fire" in the wood-burning pizza oven.  Then we met Kathy and sweet baby Owen to listen to a band that was playing outside at the mall.  As you can see in the video,  Hudson had a great time watching the kids and showing off some dance moves.  I don't think I would have ever run into a crowd of kids and danced at his age.  We might have a little performer on our hands.

 I tried to get a few pictures of Owen and Hudson together but Hudson was not really too fond of sitting in one place.  Little Owen was an angel all night and gave the sweetest smiles.  

 Hudson's favorite dog Roscoe, "Astoe" as Hudson likes to call him spent the weekend with us.  Hudson was so excited to see him when he got up in the morning.

Playing in the back yard with dad. Hudson is attempting to get Zach to bring him to the neighbor's inflatable pool that looks like a dragon.  Very tempting.

 Hudson got two new toys from Nana and Papa for Easter.  A picnic table and a sand and water table.  As you can see we decided to try dried beans instead of sand first.  His favorite thing to do so far is to shovel the beans into the water container.  When we went out there today we noticed that some of the beans are sprouting.  Hmm...maybe we will just have to get some sand.

Sweaty happy baby playing outside


rebecca said...

Rosco looks young in that picture!!! And I think I have watched his dance video about 5 times, cracks me up with the kids doing flips around him haha

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