Grandpa's Visit

Hudson's Grandpa happened to be in NC for work this week so he and Hudson's Great Aunt Karen came by to visit on Saturday.  It is so nice when we have family around and makes our move to NC so worth it to be near family everyday.  Now if we could only get the family in TX and DC to move back  to NC that would be perfect! :)

I couldn't help but share this sweet sweet picture montage that Zach's sister Katie put together for us when she did his newborn pictures.  The song makes me tear up every time.

I just think he looks so sweet laying on his daddy's chest.

Quality time with Grandpa McCall

Three generations of McCalls

Happy One Month Birthday Hudson!

We are teaching him to count early :)

What a month it has been.  This little man has us wrapped around his little fingers already.   We are so proud of every little thing that he does.  Hard to believe that a little over a month ago our conversations were probably focused on world events, reality TV, work, what to eat for dinner, etc.  Now, I don't know when the last time was that I watched a full TV show or when Zach and I have eaten dinner without one of us holding a baby and most of our conversations seem to revolve around this amazing little baby (including exciting stuff like how many dirty diapers he has had today).  We are pretty sure that every new facial expression or sound that he makes must be the cutest thing ever.  We are just in love.  No, I haven't gotten much sleep this month but it has been the best month ever!

Hudson went in for his one month check-up today.  He is now 8lbs and 22 inches long!  We have been having some feeding/nursing issues so the fact that he his gaining weight so well is great news.  He does have his first little baby cold and is a little congested but other than that he is a healthy growing baby.  His "New Born" clothes are starting to get a little snug.  Maybe soon we will be moving out of the new born diapers.  Hudson was pretty happy and content during most of his appointment while the doctor checked him out.  The worst part came when I had to hold him for his Hep B vaccine.  His little face and cry was pitiful.  I wanted to cry right along with him but somehow held it together.  I have already informed Zach that he will be holding him for the 2 month shots. ;)

He was so tired after the doctor visit that he slept in the car seat for a few hours.

Umm..Who taught our child to do this? 

 Funny faces

The band aid from his shot makes me sad.

sweet dreams?


4 weeks already?

Hard to believe that it has been 4 weeks since Hudson arrived.  He is looking more like a little boy every day.  He goes in for his one month check-up tomorrow!

Hmm..wonder where he gets those forehead wrinkles from...

Love the yawns

So he may be a little spoiled already because he seems to only sleep soundly if he is somehow touching me.  We might be in trouble. Here he is sleeping on a pillow on my lap.

He is making some of the funniest faces these days.  See below: )

On The Go

The downside to having a baby in the winter is that it is really hard to get motivated to take him outside when it is so cold out.  I want to try out our new stroller on a walk but it just seems way too cold for walks just yet.   We finally got Hudson out of the house this weekend.   Saturday we went to Aunt Becca's house and hung out and Sunday we went to a baby shower for Lindsey to help get her ready for her sweet baby girl, Harper.  Hudson slept through most of it :)  We learned that he does like his car seat once the car is moving.

Hudson really likes to sleep on someone and is not a big fan of sleeping on his back.  Using this Moby wrap has allowed me to get a few things done while he is sleeping.

I think he is pretty adorable in it too.

I just love these socks that look like Chuck Taylors that our friend Brianna sent Hudson :)

Entertaining Scott and Kate

Look at that belly!  He was up to 7lbs 8 ounces yesterday

His "Thoughtful"look

Sleeping comfy with aunt Bec Bec

Working out with Scott, Leilah and Daddy

Meeting the "mommy-to-be" Lindsey

Hudson's first bottle

I am not sure if Zach or Hudson was more excited about Hudson getting his first bottle today.  Hudson sucked it down like a champ and Zach was so happy to be able to feed him for the first time.   Here are some pics of this sweet moment.  I had a little talk with Hudson about not getting too attached to the bottle just yet because we are still working on beefing him up while nursing.

Hudson is not a huge fan of tummy time but it helps to have the glow worm close by.  He loves it!