Due Date

Today was the day that we had prepared for Hudson to arrive.  So much for 11 extra days of preparation.   We are so thankful that he arrived healthy on the 27th and that we got to meet him a little bit early.  We have lots to celebrate today on his  "due date".  We are officially done with the bili-blanket and his bilirubin levels appear to be in a safer range.   We are keeping a close eye on his weight because he dropped so quickly after leaving the hospital.   The nurse came by to weigh him today and he is up to  whopping 6lbs 7.5 ounces.  That is up about 5 ounces since his last pediatrician appointment on Tuesday!  I guess all of our marathon feedings and no sleep is paying off for Hudson.  I can tell that his cheeks seem a little chunkier today and I think I see that he might have a dimple like his mom :)  

Hudson got his first sponge bath this week.  He did not like the sponge but was a BIG fan of getting his hair washed and getting a little head massage.  The best part is that he slept so well after his bath.

Even though Hudson miss Santa by two days, he still got a Texas stocking from his grandparents in Texas.  I think it is too cute that the stocking is bigger than he is.

We have been way to busy to take down the Christmas tree so we thought Hudson should get a picture in front of it before we took it down.  He really liked the lights.

Thanks for my new Blankie Nana!


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