Second weekend home

It is going to be a big weekend.  Aunt Katie is coming into town from Texas to meet Hudson.  We can't wait!  It seems like Hudson is growing too fast already.  He is starting to look like a little man instead of a squishy newborn.  He is still swallowed whole by all of his newborn clothes.  He will be weighed again on Monday morning so we are hoping to be close to his birth weight by then.  Today is the first day of Zach's paternity leave!  We are so thankful that he has this time to spend with his baby boy.  

Notice the mittens in all of his pictures.  I am still a little nervous about cutting his nails.   They are just so tiny!  Poor thing just scratches his face up without the gloves on.  Luckily he doesn't seem to mind them.

 Lovin from Aunt Bec Bec

I love his awake time when he just looks around :)

Whoa mom...back up

Kisses from Daddy


Sarah Campbell said...

Love the new pics of little man! Happy paternity leave to Zach (and you)!

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