On The Go

The downside to having a baby in the winter is that it is really hard to get motivated to take him outside when it is so cold out.  I want to try out our new stroller on a walk but it just seems way too cold for walks just yet.   We finally got Hudson out of the house this weekend.   Saturday we went to Aunt Becca's house and hung out and Sunday we went to a baby shower for Lindsey to help get her ready for her sweet baby girl, Harper.  Hudson slept through most of it :)  We learned that he does like his car seat once the car is moving.

Hudson really likes to sleep on someone and is not a big fan of sleeping on his back.  Using this Moby wrap has allowed me to get a few things done while he is sleeping.

I think he is pretty adorable in it too.

I just love these socks that look like Chuck Taylors that our friend Brianna sent Hudson :)

Entertaining Scott and Kate

Look at that belly!  He was up to 7lbs 8 ounces yesterday

His "Thoughtful"look

Sleeping comfy with aunt Bec Bec

Working out with Scott, Leilah and Daddy

Meeting the "mommy-to-be" Lindsey


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