Summer Has Come To An End

Here is a picture story of Luke's tenth month in review and what we have been up to in August. :)  Luke is now crawling really fast, climbing up stairs and pushing a walker.  He loves to try to get whatever Hudson has and gets so excited to crawl into Hudson's room in the morning when he wakes up.  Hudson loves his baby brother but does like to take whatever toys he has and has become very protective over him.  He holds Luke's video monitor and says, "I will watch over him at night."  So sweet.  He gets very excited when Luke tries to talk and will babble right back to him.  Luke's favorite thing to say right now is "Dadadada".  He does say "Mama" on occasion.  He is much more quiet than Hudson was at this age.  He loves to play with anything that has a latch or buckle or anything that opens and closes.  Last weigh in he was about 21.5 lbs. He is a "little nugget" as aunt Becca calls him.  He has 5 teeth and his hair is starting to curl (yay!) His eyes are a brown/green color right now but look like they are turning more brown.  He is still attached to mommy and shows no signs of wanting to sleep through the night.  We will get there one day! 

Lovin those sweet curls

 At the Farmer's Market with Grandma.  Here, Hudson discovered a love for goat cheese.

 Grandma and I took the boys to the mall to beat the heat.  Hudson was content riding in the rented strollers that look like cars.  Here, Luke got a turn and also loved it.  
 I finally got out of the house to work out for an hour!  Luke took a little nap with aunt Becca at Bizi Kidz.

 Me and my boys

 We had a fun visit from sweet friends.  Here is Luke and Nash.  I am pretty sure Nash is bigger than Luke!

 Quincy with our sweet (mama's) boys
 Giving goodbye hugs to Essie. I just love these pics of the two of them. 

 They look like they are plotting something. :)

 Hudson helped me make a pizza

 We also had a fun visit from Erin, Leighton, and Cohen.  We took a trip to the science center and the new Sciquarium. 

 Luke likes to stick his tongue out when he is concentrating. :)

 Luke "shopping" with Leighton and Hudson.

 Trying to get a look at the alligators

 Luke's favorite new toy...the dishwasher.

 Brothers sans pants 

 We also got to see Parmalee play and hang out with the guys.  Hudson and Luke both sported their new hearing protection at the concert.

 Luke really seemed to like the music this time around.  Last time he just slept right through the music.

 Scott took Hudson on his first 4-wheeler ride in the country.  Hudson LOVED this.  I was sure he might be scared but he just kept saying he wanted to "go fast!" uh oh

 He drove him down to the cornfields and picked an ear of corn to feed the goats.  Again, he LOVED it.

 I can't believe I tried it but I traveled with Luke and Hudson alone on a plane to D.C. to see my brother.  We traveled by plane, bus, and metro in one day.  So thankful that my brother came to meet us at the airport so I didn't have to try to navigate the metro with two kids alone.  We had such a good time and now that I know it is possible I may be willing to travel alone with them again!

First ride on the Metro.  He looks a little unsure.

His special bed at uncle Ronnie's house. 

 Uncle Ronnie has a cool fountain right outside his door to play in.  

 Little dare devil Luke was ready to go right in.  Hudson got a little more excited about it when he realized Luke loved it.

 We took a trip to the National Zoo.  The last time I was here I was pregnant with Hudson and took a picture in front of the same sign.  Now two babies later....

 They have a really awesome cable right over sidewalks where the Orangutans can use during certain times of the day to move from one building to another.  This is a picture I tried to snap quickly as we saw one crossing.

 Hudson got up close and personal.  He wanted him to talk to him. :)

Trying to get a picture of the three of us.  Never easy.

 Favorite part of the Zoo trip for Hudson was the carousel ride. 

 Luke loved it too.  

 He was so tired and I caught him staring into space a few times.  But he begged to ride over and over.

 On Labor Day weekend we took the boys to Burlington City Park.  They have fun little rides for kids Hudson's age.  Zach and I both used to come to the same park to ride the train and carousel when we were little. Hudson's favorite ride was the cars.  He rode this one 6 times!  He would have kept going but we ran out of tickets and it was nap time for everyone.  

 After riding the orange car he had to try the yellow one...

then the blue one

 Then we talked him into the carousel 

and the airplanes.

 and the train

And then it was back to the cars.  This time a sweet little girl asked to ride in the back of his car.  Can you tell by the look on his face that he was so excited to drive her around?  When she got in he pointed at her and said, "What's your name?"  He later told me her name was Anna so I guess he was listening. The whole ride he showed her what all of the buttons did and made honking noises.  It kept Zach and I laughing.  

Luke on his first train ride.

I need to try to write them all down but here are some funny quotes from Hudson this month:

"Feel the Power!" He threw this one out one day when Zach stepped on the gas while driving on the highway.  I guess that is what Zach says when it is just the two of them in the car.

"I think chocolate will make it feel better." He said this when he was crying after getting hurt.  He was in the middle of crying and grinned then said it.  LOL!  So true Hudson, So true.

"He's OK, he's not bleeding."  This is what he told me one day when I was in the kitchen and couldn't see Luke because they were playing around the corner.  So I asked Hudson if Luke was O.K.  

"Let's talk about man stuff" He called me into the bathroom while he was sitting on the potty to tell me this.  haha

"This is Thunder and this is Lightning, Boom, Pow (or Flash)!"  He now calls his left bicep "Thunder" and his right bicep "Lightning" and says this while pointing to them.  

So summer is over and Hudson goes back to preschool tomorrow... :(  He doesn't quite understand that he will have different teachers and keeps talking about his old teachers from last year.  Luckily they will be just across the hallway.