18 month check-up

Hudson went in to the pediatrician for his 18 month check-up today.  Here are his stats:  He is 34 and 1/4 inches tall, weighs 29 lbs, 11 oz, and his head circumference is 48 cm.  According to the pediatrician he is 98th percentile for height and 97th percentile for weight!  The chart I use online says that he is more like 90th percentile for both but to sum it up, I have a big boy!  He was a champ during his visit and laughed when Dr. Joe was checking his belly.  I put off his shot until next week so that was one less thing to worry about today.  After this he only has one more to get when he is two then we are shot free until he is four!  Yay!  I guess I can start worrying about immunizations for the next baby boy. By the way, he will be here in about 2.5 months!!! 

Hudson and I hid inside most of the day because it was miserably hot outside again today.  Later this afternoon it got a little cloudy so we went outside before the storm to enjoy the cloudy "cooler" weather.  He insisted on riding in his wagon outside but of course he decided that he had to get out and run for a little while.  This means that mommy had to try to pull the wagon and keep up with Hudson.  He really wanted to find the rabbit that we usually see on our walk and kept running up and down the path yelling "Hop, Hop!"  I am sure this scared all of the wild life away pretty quickly.  On the same path a few weeks ago we saw 3 deer and it was so funny because Hudson kept calling them "Wyatt" and trying to make clicking noises to get them to come closer.  If you know my dog, then you will know that he does actually resemble a small deer at times so it was pretty funny.  Mommy would be happy if Hudson loved the deer as much as he loves the dogs because I don't know what I would do with a son that takes up hunting as a hobby!


rebecca said...

uh oh dont tell scott you said that...he will have him hunting at 2!!

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