Monster Trucks

Now that there is a little brother to share mommy and daddy time with we have been trying to make sure we carve out some alone time with Hudson when possible so he won't feel so jealous of baby Luke.  Last Saturday Zach took Hudson to Lowes for the kids workshop.  They say on the website that it is geared towards age 5 but I thought he would still have fun.  Zach said that he was a little shy when they got there however when he saw that he had his very own hammer he got right into it.  On this day they got to build a monster truck.  Hudson was so proud of it when he got home and immediately started chasing the dog around the house with it because he knows how she loves to bark at his toy cars.  I think you can see by the big grin on his face that he had a good time!  Just a warning that you may see numerous pictures of Hudson in one of two or three shirts.  He has become obsessed with his "Bacon and Eggs" shirt, his "Octopus shirt" and "Shark shirt".  Unfortunately they are all short sleeve shirts and it is freezing here.  The octopus and shark shirts are actually pajama tops.  I got lucky and found a size up of the shark shirt at a consignment sale a few weeks ago.  If anyone out there has a larger size bacon and egg shirt from Target please let me know because ours is getting a little small and I am worried about what will happen when he can't wear it anymore.  Washing it is hard enough. ;)


Testing it out.

The finished product.

Eating bacon with his bacon and egg shirt on.  Perfect morning!  After he tasted the bacon he told me that he wanted "The whole thing (pronounced THANG)!" (pointing to the platter of bacon).

Eating a lollipop in his shark shirt after going to the potty.  He is totally only interested in the potty for treats.  
Playing with the camera and sugar rush = this cute face.

Hudson with his new brows. Playing with stickers from a set to make faces.

We had a little warm up last weekend so we hung out at the park for a little while.  Luke looks a lot like Zach in this picture.

Luke loves to watch Hudson.

Just a nice shot of what Hudson likes to wear around the house most nights.  Favorite shirt, no pants, and snow boots. Awesomeness

On Monday morning we went to the library for story time.  The theme was soup so they listened to stories about soup then made a little craft.

 Then we came home and made tomato soup for lunch.  This is the only "vegetable" that I can get him to eat.

 These are the books he picked out at the library for the week.  See a theme here?  He really likes the dinosaur books. :)

 This is my sweet little Luke who only wants to sleep if he is touching me.  :-/ So yep, I am still not sleeping.  I am going to need lots of Botox after these babies!

oh those cheeks!

Still working on trying to get him to take a paci.

Luke was holding the phone for these pics.  

He is so much more mobile than Hudson was at this age.  


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