Second Mother's Day

Spending my mother's day weekend with my entire family made for a perfect second mother's day.  We went to Greensboro to stay with my mom and my brother and sister also both stayed for the weekend.  Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market then out to dinner where they were playing live music.  Sunday, Rebecca made sausage and gravy biscuits for us for breakfast (yum!) and since it was rainy we just hung around the house.  I even got to snuggle and take a nap with Hudson.  Then we went to the park and let Hudson run off some energy.  It was a great weekend.  We did lots of laughing at Hudson because he is such a little Ham lately.  He loves to dance and try funny things to get the attention in the room. He is also showing off his sweet side lately.  He will usually freely give hugs and snuggles unless he is more interested in playing with one of his favorite toys (the broom, mop, swiffer, vacuum, or guitar)at the moment.  He is saying lots of new words every week and it is amazing to see the things that he is understanding.  Although he still loves his Paci "Papis", he totally understands when I tell him that he has to take it out and give it to mommy if he wants something else.  If it is something really enticing he will yank that paci out and throw it across the room.  When it is not, I now know that he is ignoring me and he is really good at that.   

I love my weekends with my baby boy and this weekend was just extra special because I thank the lord everyday that he blessed me with such a gift.  Being a Mom is truly amazing and exhausting at the same time.  Prayers go up daily for the next little baby that will be here by mother's day next year!  I am one lucky momma.

 Strawberry ice cream treat at the farmer's market

 Uncle Ron fed it to him to earn some bonus uncle points.

 Burning off the ice cream calories by doing hand stands.

 First time on a tire swing.  It is usually full but the rainy day scared some people away from the playground.  He loved it.

 Then we went on a little walk in the woods.

 We both look pretty worn out but we had to get one picture together on Mother's Day.

 As you can tell, his 18-24 month clothes are already getting pretty snug.  The belly looks very prominent in this outfit.  On to size 2T I guess!

Climbing up the slide is pretty hard. Sometimes you just need to rest in between.


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