Summertime And The Living Is Easy

It was so hot this week and although I don't think it is officially summer yet, it certainly felt like it.  I took Hudson to the pool for the first time this year on Thursday.  The water was still a little cold so he just wanted to hang out on the lounge chair and watch the big kids while eating goldfish crackers.

Saturday morning was a little overcast so we took advantage of the cooler morning and went to pick strawberries at an organic farm in Hillsborough.  This was really exciting for Hudson because he LOVES any kind of berries right now.  When we first got there he was excited to see all the the strawberries but it took him a few minutes to realize that these really were the same thing that I place on his highchair everyday to eat.  After he realized he could eat them the "picking berries and putting it in the basket was over".  We had to round up when we paid for our strawberries because he had eaten so many in the field.  It was a fun morning.  Hudson and daddy both took naps when we got home.

His wagon ride to the pool!

Hanging out at the pool.

My little farmer

They really were some of the best strawberries that I have ever had.

The evidence is all over his white shirt and his face. :)

Deep in thought

He just kept stealing the strawberries while we were trying to take a few pictures together.

I think I had to intervene because he actually stuffed the whole thing (including the stem) into his mouth.

17 weeks.  Promise it is bigger in person.  Something about the stretchy yoga pants make it look much smaller in this picture.

"What is the big deal about your belly lately mom?"  Oh if he only knew what is coming. ;)


Patting his belly too. :)

Checking out the farm animals.  He did not want to get too close to the pigs.


Weighing our harvest.  Actually ended up being cheaper and much better than organic at the grocery store.  


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