First Night Away

Saturday night was the first night that Zach and I have both been away from Hudson for the night.  I wasn't worried because he was with my sister and mom but I really did miss him.  Zach and I went to good ole Johnson City, TN to celebrate one of my best friend's (Sarah) 30th birthday!  The party theme was "True Life, I am turning 30" so everyone had to dress as reality stars.  Well, during my shopping at Goodwill for a party outfit I came upon the perfect dress for Michelle Duggar (I actually love her so this was perfect).  So, much to Zach's dismay we went to the party dressed as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. :)  We had a blast and so did Hudson.  I think he was pretty worn out from his weekend because he actually slept the whole night through on Sunday night.  Monday was my birthday so I said that sleeping all night must have been his sweet birthday present to me.

The Duggars.  It was a little scary how much I resembled her.  I couldn't look in the mirror most of the night.

My birthday cake from Zach and Hudson.  Can you tell Zach ran out of room at the bottom of the signature? :)  I also came home to some beautiful flowers.

Below are just a few random pictures from last week.  Since it is so dark when we get home now I haven't been able to take many pictures after school.  His hair has gotten so curly just over the past few days.  It may just be this warm weather but I hope the curly hair sticks around.  It is so cute.  Hopefully I can get some pictures of it over Thanksgiving.

Hmm..which Fleenor sister does Hudson look more like?  I think it is Aunt Bec Bec on the right. :)


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bahahahaha, wre both chunky and chubby it

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