10 Months Old!

Hudson turned 10 months old on October, 27.  I am just now posting them because Hudson got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease from daycare so he has been pretty miserable.  You know this child is not feeling well if he refuses food or milk!  If you aren't familiar with this lovely virus consider yourself lucky.  It causes bumps that blister on the hands and feet and inside the throat and mouth.  He was sweet and shared his germs with mom so now I have it too.  No fun. I really like his daycare but I hate him being sick.  Hudson is crawling really fast now and pulls up on everything.  He stood up on his own without holding anything for the first time on Friday. I am happy to say that he is now saying "Mama" consistently or at least is making that sound.  He may not know exactly what it means yet but I still love hearing it.  He is starting to understand more that his actions make us laugh so when we laugh at him for something he tries to do it again and again to keep us laughing.   He still Loves being outside.  I am dreading the winter because our outside time is going to be limited now that it gets dark so early.  At 10 months he is still not a great sleeper.  He fights harder than any child I have ever seen to stay awake.  He will physically shake his head back and forth with his eyes half closed to try to stay awake.  The only places that he naps well are in the bed with someone else or in the car seat.  Thank goodness he still likes the car seat most of the time.  He is becoming a handful already but he is a really sweet baby and I can already tell he is going to be pretty funny.
I can't believe this is the same chair that we took his new born pictures on.  He is so big! He weighed in at 23 pounds at the pediatrician's office last week.

 He had really rosy cheeks this day...the next day he broke out in a rash :(

 Still only 2 teeth but the top ones are poking through.

 Hudson and Grandma

 He really just wanted to get out of the rocking chair.

 Over it

 The Paci always makes it better.

 Standing up!

 He tries to climb on anything taller than him.

 His skeleton legs for Halloween.


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