37 weeks!

I went in for a  quick check up last Friday and the the doctor said that I am still measuring small but that she would expect that knowing that he was small on the last ultrasound.  I am still gaining weight so that is a good sign that he is growing too.  She said it is possible that he may have dropped a little in preparation for delivery which would also make the measurement a little bit off.   His heartbeat was strong and he is still having fun kicking me and rolling around in there!  I am scheduled for another check up on Thursday and then another ultrasound to check growth on the following Tuesday.  This week we have kept busy with Christmas shopping, washing all the newborn baby clothes, making a belly cast, and installing the car seat!  Installing the car seat was Zach's job and that car seat is pretty darn secure. :)

I can't believe that Chrismas is in 5 days!!!  I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas.

      It snowed again this weekend! This window that looks into the backyard is the dog's favorite place to watch for squirrels and deer.

    Poor Angel is barely tall enough to see out but she loves it.

                Roscoe got a Santa hat from his uncle Ron.  Can't you tell that he was thrilled to have it on? :)

         Wyatt also loved it ;)

                        Zach learning how to install his baby boy's car seat.  I am glad he decided to read the instructions for this.

It is in and ready for our sweet baby.

37 week Belly


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