We went in for an ultrasound today because my belly was measuring a little on the small side at the last few visits.  Good news is that all of the measurements that they did looked normal today and the heartbeat was strong.  They said that baby McCall is probably just going to be a small baby but that he was in the normal range.  Based on today's measurements he is approximately 5lbs 3 oz and if he goes to full term then he will probably be in the 6 pound range.  The technician switched the machine over to the 4-D picture so we were able to get a glance at what he might look like.  He looks so cute already!  He was sucking on his bottom lip during most of the pictures and we even got to see him practicing his sucking.  She said that he already has some hair...wonder if it will be curly?  Keep baby McCall in your prayers as he grows these last 4 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Oh My Word!! I am so in love! Super excited to be with y'all so soon and meet this sweet baby with no name...haha! We will be praying for baby McCall to GROW GROW GROW! So glad he is healthy and doing well. What a blessing. Enjoy these next 4 weeks with Zach! We love y'all!! See you soon!! :)

~Laura Dell McCall

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