BBQ Festival, Visit from Papa and Halloween 2012

I have managed to live in N.C. most of my life and have never been to the Lexington BBQ festival.  I love BBQ but what finally made us go was Parmalee.  They have been traveling so much and we knew that Hudson might not get to see his favorite band and his favorite buddy Scott again for awhile.  The festival was pretty crowded and getting around with 2 strollers was a pain.  The food was good and Parmalee was awesome as usual!  We also had a visit from Papa the week of Halloween.  Hudson had so much fun and got treated to ice cream from Papa.  Now every few days Hudson asks "Papa coming?"  Hopefully we will get to visit again for the holidays.

This was Hudson's first Halloween getting to go trick-or-treat. It took me awhile to convince him to get into his pirate costume but when aunt Becca arrived dressed up it was a little easier.  My mom stayed at home with Luke while we took Hudson out in his wagon. We practiced with his treat bag a few days before Halloween but we didn't use real candy.  This made the actual experience even more fun for Hudson when he realized that he got candy.  :)  He honestly didn't know what most of it was but he knew that if it was in a wrapper and we were excited about it then it must be good.  He asked to open each piece after he got it. (See video below).  He didn't quite say Trick or Treat at each house but he was sweet and always said Thank-you.  He loved when the home owner's dogs came to the door and wanted to pet all of them.  He was not a fan of the fog machines that some people put in their yards.  We stayed out until after dark and even though it was freezing he didn't seem to mind.  Here are some pictures from Halloween week.

 Harper and Hudson with the boys!

 So Happy to see Scott!

 Jamming with Becca

 Scott and Hudson

 Enjoying the food!

 Harper just chilling :)

Hudson and his shades

 The sandwich was as big as Luke's head.


Worn out

Luke 3 weeks old

Our 4 legged baby likes Luke's toys too.

So does Hudson :)

 Helping Papa dig a hole for a tree.

 Telling Papa which video to watch on You Tube.

Baby Luke is getting so big!  He was 10 lbs 1.5 ounces yesterday when I weighed him.

 We made pumpkin cupcakes and Hudson helped decorate them.

 I didn't get to use piping bag after this took place. :)

 Luke on Halloween.  Almost 1 month old!

 This is what happens when Hudson tries to swing Luke "Fast"!

 The quality of this picture shows how successful I was at trying to get a picture of them both in their halloween PJs.  Hudson was not having it.


 "C'mon ladies, are we ever going to leave?"

 His first house! 

Video of Hudson finally getting a piece of Halloween candy!

 Hudson has yet to attach to a blankie or stuffed animal but has recently started sleeping with this really soft teddy bear.  Maybe this will make taking the paci away at night easier one day? 

 He now says he is "working" and pretends to type on the computer like daddy.

 Just thought this was sweet of him giving the baby a paci at Bizi Kidz


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