My Sweet Luke

All I prayed for was a healthy baby but God must have known that I also needed a baby that slept more than Hudson did.  So far, Luke has been a pretty mellow baby.  He is growing so fast and was around 9 lbs when I weighed him today.  Sadly, I have not had as much time to take lots of pictures of Luke but I did get a chance to snap a few while Hudson was napping the other day.  I see a little resemblance between Luke and Hudson but all of Luke's dark hair and chunkiness makes him look so much different than Hudson at this age.  Hudson is still excited to see Luke in the mornings and always wants to check on him when he cries but he is staring to get a little jealous when I have to feed Luke and I am definitely seeing some attention-getting behaviors during those times.  He also loves to run up to Luke when he is in a deep sleep and yell, "Wake-up baby Uke!"  Very helpful. :-/

He has some long toes!

Just love all of his dark hair.  I think he was born with a comb-over. hehe

Hudson loves to have his snack outside now and just talk about the leaves and the animals that he sees. I will be sad when the weather starts getting colder.

Working on the pumpkin with Daddy.

Awesome playhouse out of a box in the garage.

Not too thrilled about his first bath.

We have a sweet picture of Hudson in this same towel after his first bath.

This is the little outfit that Luke wore home.  We didn't get any pictures of it the day he came home because he peed all over it before we could get any!

His way of asking to hold Luke is to say, "Hudson hold it!"

 After helping to feed Luke, Hudson said, "Hudson Hungry too!"  Imagine that. :)
 Feeding the ducks at the park with Grandma and Becca.

His favorite lunchtime at the park with Aunt Becca.

I am suprised that he shared his food!

Feeding his little brother

This was from Zach's birthday dinner.  He didn't want to miss a bite of chocolate cake!


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