For obvious reasons I don't have too much time to write but just wanted to share what big brother Hudson has been up to.  He and I went to pick out a few pumpkins this week while my mom stayed at home with Luke. He was excited to pick them out but then got upset when we were going to actually pay for them and take them home.  He insisted that they stay where we found them.  Can you tell that he isn't a big fan of change?  We finally got home with a few and he had fun painting his pumpkin.  He picked out all of the colors that he wanted to use but of course it all looked brown by the time he was finished because he just painted over each color.  

The finished product!  He only wanted to paint on one side of the pumpkin and said "no no mommy, Hudson do it" when I tried to turn it around so that he could paint the other sides.

 We also celebrated Zach's birthday.  Hudson was so excited to have cake and ice cream.  He yelled "CAKE!" during the entire Happy Birthday song. :)

 Daddy with his fellow October birthday buddy.  Dad 32, Luke 13 days old.


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