I am hoping that I can exercise my patience and that Hudson can learn some patience because these last few days he has been testing the waters.

 I feel like he knows a lot of words and seems to be saying a new one every day.  Usually, I can figure out what he is trying to say when he is saying one word over and over but lately he has been trying to put more than one word together and my mommy thesaurus is not working so well.  He is very serious about whatever he is saying or asking for but when I can't figure it out the melt down occurs.  So then I start trying to ask just "yes" and "no" questions to see if I can try to get him something that he wants/needs.  If I don't get the magic answer then he gets really upset and just asks for his paci over and over because it does really calm him down immediately.   However, he also knows that we really only let him have it in the car (if he is freaking out) and at bedtime.  So when we say no "you can only have it when you go to sleep" the tantrum just gets worse. He has even resorted to actually laying down on the floor and pretending to go to sleep to see if we will give it to him!  Sorry Hudson, we know you better than to think you would ever take a nap at 10:30 am!  He has also started having major tantrums when eating if there is something on his plate that he doesn't want (all veggies) and just wants to throw them off of the high chair.  My brain is telling me to take him out of the chair and start time-out for this but my large pregnant belly and achy legs tell me to try to ignore it and see if he will stop so I won't have to lug all 30 lbs of him out of the chair.

  Other things he has started to test this week:

  Hitting/biting- He does this when he gets really excited because he loves to get a reaction from us and apparently thinks "ouch" is funny.  So far I don't think he is trying to be mean by doing it but of course teaching him that something hurts is not as easy as saying "no" to him.  Right now he thinks it is a game.  So far, if I tell him no and stop playing with him when he does it he will move along to something else.

Standing on chairs or other items that he could fall from.  He gets the sneakiest look on his face when he does it.  Or he just stares at me like,  "What are you going to do about this?"

Of course, I ask his teacher if he is doing any of these things at school and she says, "oh no! No tantrums here." Sweet Hudson, really sweet.

Hearing his sweet little voice say "mama!" and giving me kisses randomly mixed into this new toddler phase makes it all worth it.  For now, I will just try to work on my patience and hope that he takes after me a little in that department because all who know Zach know that his temper is also quite short.  Especially when he hasn't eaten for awhile. (If you are reading this Zach...I love you. ;) )

 Trying to figure out where to put the step stool ("Big Step") so he can try to climb onto something.

 Daddy taught him how to play tug like a dog.  Nice.


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