A Classic First Santa Visit

Unfortunately, his face says it all.  He is not a fan of Santa yet.  Luckily we went to the small mall here in Chapel Hill and didn't have to wait in line for hours to get a picture of him screaming on Santa's lap.  He was finally feeling a little better this weekend so we thought we would try to get his first picture with Santa.  Oddly enough this week he has also started becoming more shy and clingy when we are in public.  Whenever he sees new/unfamiliar faces he clings onto me and lays his head on my shoulder and either stares or gives them a half-smile.  Now I know this is typical development but I am pretty sure sitting him on an old man's lap who has a scary beard and walking away did not do anything to help build his confidence with strangers! I really wanted to get one of him smiling in his cute outfit but this one turned out to be one we can laugh at for years to come.  It may also be a good one to show his future girlfriends. :)  He did stop crying pretty quickly after I picked him up and did give Santa a little smile before we left.


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