Why Am I Still Awake?

I ask myself this all of the time lately.  I think I need to invent something that will carry around a baby sleeping on his side.  Luke loves to sleep on his side with some part of his body touching me.   This is a little difficult for me to get sleep this way because I am nervous for him to sleep in the bed with me.  So here I am sitting upright with Luke sleeping on a pillow on my lap posting pictures and finishing my bible study when I should be sleeping.  He won't fit on my lap forever so I am OK with this snuggle time for now.

Growing up! I swear he tried so hard to get his legs under him and crawl today to get to a toy that I put in front of him.  I really didn't need baby gates for Hudson but I think this little guy is gonna be totally different.

 This is how I found Hudson after his nap a few weeks ago.  Sticker in his hair and wearing Christmas pajamas.  I was apparently still wearing my robe so it must have been "That" kind of a day.

 Hudson on the way to his first day at his new preschool!  We both had some tears when I dropped him off but he was all smiles when I picked him up.  He loves to tell me over and over how "he cried until mommy came back" at school and at church when I left him.  He sure knows how to make me feel better! :-/  The teachers' promise me that it stops pretty quickly after I leave.  He is going to be in school two days per week for half of the day.  I think he needs a little socialization and structure in his life that is so hard for me to give him while nursing and caring for an infant that doesn't really want to nap.

 Hudson loves birthdays because he knows that means cake and candles.  So he was very excited to go to sweet Essie's birthday party. I can't believe that she is three and that her momma that just had a baby 4 weeks prior even had the energy to plan a birthday party! It was "Llama Llama" themed which Hudson loved.
 Quincy made an awesome cake to look like the Llama's quilt in the books.

 The birthday girl
 Hudson doing his thing.

 sweet hugs

 Baby Luke and Baby Nash trading baby brother stories.

 Love it
 The tired mommas and sweet babies.

Last weekend Nana and Aunt Emma came to visit from Texas.  Hudson was spoiled with "special treats" all weekend.  Here is his post-nap snack of cookie dough ice cream. :)

 Hudson just loved having Emma here because she was happy to play with him and give him lots of attention.  If she was out of his sight for too long he would start asking, "Where Emma go?"  It was so sweet to watch them playing. Wish they were closer.  He now tells me daily that he is going to Texas to see Emma, Nana, Papa, and Kailee soon.

 Lollipops = big grins

 As you can see, Hudson is a big fan of going sans pants in the house.  He regularly asks to have his pants off when we are in stores.  For some reason he does not like my explanation that everyone has to wear pants outside of the house.  We have break downs daily about the pants.  The only reason he ever volunteers to wear them is if he has something cool that he wants to keep in his pockets.

 I was not very good about getting my camera out this weekend but here are a few to prove Nana was here too.

 So happy to see Nana.  I apologize for Zach's disgusting knuckles in these pictures.  He has taken up a new hobby of woodworking and has already had a few run-ins with the saw.

 Luke has a game that he likes to play with Zach where he sticks out his arms and fists and bops Zach in the face.  He loves it and has the cutest giggles when he does it.  He really tries to do it every time Zach holds him.  Funny how he knows already who is who and what each of us can do for him.

 Hudson got Grandma's glasses and thought it was funny to walk around and look through them.  It was pretty entertaining to us too.

 He also put on his sticker glasses.  He loved them until I tried to take a picture. ;)

We also got to go out and celebrate Leilah's birthday! 

 Aunt Becca and her boys

 Rare mommy and Luke picture

 Superbowl Sunday.  Trying to be in charge of the remote.

 Pre-game show

 Eating Pizza with Daddy on the floor

Baby Luke ready for a touchdown.

Just to remind him of how sweet he was when he didn't get his way when he is older. ;)


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